EP – Chapter 201

Chapter 201: You are playing with fire

Mu Tianye looked at Ning Xiaofei up and down, nodded, and frowned in an instant. 

“This can only be worn at home!”

That skirt is too short, who is she flaunting her legs at?

Is it too ugly?

Ning Xiaofei frowned and examined her dress. This was the one she thought was the most beautiful.

She pouted. 


What kind of aesthetics would this architect have, if she had known, she wouldn’t have bought him socks.

Soon, the car pulled over at the restaurant arranged by Zhou Tao.

When the two went upstairs together, the staff of the column group had all arrived.

Zhou Tao led them up to the third floor. As soon as he got out of the elevator, he saw Ji Mo standing outside.

Ning Xiaofei immediately greeted him with a smile, “Director Ji, you came so early!”

Ji Mo nodded in response, then his eyes fell on Mu Tianye.

 “Mr. Mu, can I speak with you for a few minutes?”

Mu Tianye stopped and patted Ning Xiaofei’s back gently.

“You go first.”

“Madam, please!”

Zhou Tao took Ning Xiaofei to the private room nearby. Ji Mo wasn’t too surprised to hear somebody calling her “Madam.”

Notinig his expression, Mu Tianye stepped towards the end of the corridor, took Ji Mo into the smoking room, stopped in the middle of the room, and turned to look at him.

“You know my relationship with Xiao Fei. If Director Ji is going to intercede for Pei Ruoxi, never mind speaking please.”

Ji Mo’s face turned a little pale.

He didn’t expect Mu Tianye to be sharper than he thought, let alone reading him through at a glance.

It took a while for Ji Mo to speak softly.

“Can you … leave her a way out?”

Mu Tianye’s eyes condensed.


“The show is tied to your New Century. If things get out, it would impact your company badly as well. If you can leave me this face, I’ll owe you this favor. I’d go through water and tread on fire, but never again.”

Mu Tianye snorted extremely disdainful.

“Your favor?”

“I know, I’m just a nameless pawn, but sometimes an insignificant person may be useful.” Ji Mo took a deep breath. “If there is no evidence or witness, even if you destroy her, you won’t be able to clear up Xiao Fei’s innocence, right?”

He dare talk to him about the conditions?

Mu Tianye eyes hardened, “Ji Mo, you are playing with fire.”

Unable to look him in the eye, Ji Mo lowered his head.

“You flatter me.”

“Okay!” Mu Tianye took a step forward and stood in front of Ji Mo. “I can leave her a way to live, but I want her to come forward and admit her crime!”

The woman has deleted footage, and  without evidence, it can’t be proven that Pei Ruoxi was the real culprit.

True, he has thousands of ways to torture her, but as Ji Mo has mentioned, it would not be favorable for Ning Xiaofei. Even if Pei Ruoxie dies, this matter would become a permanent stain on her.

Ji Mo sighed in relief.

“Thank you, Mr. Mu.”

Mu Tianye snorted coldly and started towards the door. Ji Mo wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief, and took out his cell phone to call Pei Ruoxi.

“I have finished talking with President Mu, and he promised to give you a chance.”

Pei Ruoxi was dumbfounded, then yelled, “You … you betrayed me?”

Ji Mo’s voice sank, “At 8:00, the police had been to the security room. Even my computer had been checked the paper …… Do you think paper can hold fire?”

At the other end of the phone, Peo Ruoxi’s voice softened. “What should I do?”

“Come and plead guilty at Ning Xiaofei.” Ji Mo took another deep breath and added with a mild tone, “I can only help you till here. If you insist, have it your way!” 

3 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 201”

  1. What a stupid guy , love can really blind a person’s heart ….
    I hope he can find a good woman coz he’s an honest guy .
    Thanks for chapter 🙂


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