SWPF – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: What are you doing here?

“I’ve eaten. Shall we go to the movies today? Today, my fourth brother’s film is showing. My male god is also there!” He Lian Xi held onto Lu Xingzhi’s hands excitedly, her apricot eyes shining with fanaticism. 

“Okay!” She’s fine with anything, and for Huo Jinyan’s movie, she also should show some support!

When the two girls came out of the door, He Lian Yi suddenly appeared. Upon seeing He Lian Xi holding Lu Xingzhi’s arm, his eyes almost popped out in his surprise. 

His sister, who has always looked down on Chen Xinzi, how did she come out with Lu Xingzhi together. 

“He Lian Yi, what are you doing here?” He Lian Xi herself was taken aback at his arrival. 

“I should be asking you that, what are you doing here?” He Lian Yi retorted. 

“I came to invite Xiao Zhi to the movies, but you, third brother isn’t here. You aren’t here because that white lotus Chen Xinzi slandered San sao again, you didn’t come to find her trouble, right!” He Lian Xi has always had a good relationship with He Lian Yi. 

However, since Chen Xinzi appeared, the two often quarreled with each other.

“What white lotus, even if you don’t want to call her sister, don’t be so rude. If even a vain and greedy woman, you can call her San sao, then calling Chen Xinzi sister would be a piece of cake. She saved me!”

Greedy and vain Lu Xingzhi: “…”

“Xiao Zhi and San ge are engaged, which is recognized by the Huo family and she’s San ge’s own love. Who is Chen Xinzi? San ge has made it clear that he does not like Chen Xinzi. She offered five million to humiliate San sao, but she let her go. Who do now is greedy and vain? Her face isn’t even enough to be a little three.”

He Lian Xi is absolutely on Lu Xingzhi’s side. She likes Lu Xingzhi very much. She is clean and simple, unlike Chen Xinzhi. She is grateful for her rescuing He Lian Yi and isn’t against the He Lian family adopting her, but her heart is too deep. 

“It isn’t Xiao Zhi who is robbing Chen Xinzi’s off her fiance. It’s that Chen Xinzi who is deliberately forcing herself into San sao’s position. What’s the point of you troubling Xiao Zhi? If you have any objections, find San ge, better yet, go to Grandpa Huo to break the engagement!”

He Lian Xi really thinks that the moment He Lian Yi ran into Chen Xinzi, he turned into an idiot.

He Lian Yi: “…”

How come he didn’t he know that his sister could go on a tirade.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at Lu Xingzhi. No matter how he looks, he’s annoyed. 

“Why aren’t you saying anything? So you even asked my sister to come forward on your behalf.”

“Whatever I say would be wrong, so why should I argue. I’ve already told Chen Xinzi to break the engagement if she can and I will leave silently. It’s useless humiliating me again and again.Otherwise, I’ll call Huo Jinchen and let him have a talk with Chen Xinzi.”

Lu Xingzhi is really annoyed encountering the same problem repeatedly. 

“Are you still a child? To call your parent when you’re useless.” He Lian Yi is scared that Lu Xingzhi would really call Huo Jinchen.

“Chen Xinzi is older than you, but she let you humiliate me, I am much younger than her.” Lu Xingzhi looked down, concealing the sadness at the bottom of her eyes.

Where she came from, she was already alone at the age of fifteen.

He Lian Yi snorted disgustedly, “Can you compare to sister Xinzi?”

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