SWDP – Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Let them take great shots with you

Mu Huan could no longer stand playing soft, hence, she swatted the chair opposite Wu Xingye. The poor chair was beaten innocently: “”Wu Xingye, if you don’t take this job, I will beat you! Beat you every day!” 

Wu Xingye, “…”

Is he a masochist? She begged him nicely, but he refused. But now that she’s threatening him…

“Go undercover for a few days?”

“That depends on your skills. If you get in and bring back the message I want, you don’t have to wait a day!”

Wu Xingye, “…”

All those who can work in the MasterCard’s Office are skilled, and Wu Xingye doesn’t particularly like being touched by N-Langs, so it only took him three days to find all the information Mu Huan wanted.

One evening, Mu Huan visited the Prince’s Club again and called for the headliner.

The headliner found Mu Huan’s return unexpected, as is her calling him again.

“You’re really capable. You just came back, but already has a customer. I heard she’s even a little beauty.” Another N-lang, second only to the headliner, groaned enviously.

The headliner made no response, and after changing into his clothes, headed out.

“What’s with the cheek! Don’t try pulling off that nobility and virtuousness? Do you feel different from us? Don’t forget, you have made more appearances than us, you are dirtier than us!”

The headliner arrived at the door and clenched his hands, but in the end, he said nothing and strode away.

After leaving the club with Mu Huan, the headliner looked at Mu Huan, “Little girl, cherish your beautiful life, don’t dirty yourself because of loneliness or wanting to attract the attention of adults.”

He did not like selling his own body, nor did he want to see such a young girl, ruining her life in the name of rebellion.

“I’m not here to ruin myself, I’m here to make a deal with you.” Mu Huan whispered.

The headliner was stumped for words.

“Let’s go somewhere else, it’s not convenient to talk here.” Mu Huan glanced around and said.

Although, the headliner didn’t expect this little girl to do business with him, he still left with Mu Huan. 

Mu Huan found a safe place with the headliner.

“Help me hook and seduce two people and take a lot of shots of them. I’ll rescue your sister and give you another sum of money for you to get away!”

Mu Huan proposed directly, shocking the headliner.

“What do you mean?”

“I know that you are very reluctant to be a N-lang in the clubhouse. You came from a scholar family. You were originally a teacher who taught and educated people, but because of a sudden change in the family, you owed the owner of the club a lot of money. Your sister is under their control, so you had to enter this line of work.”

Due to his favorable conditions as a child and his literary reputation, his temperament was unique among N-langs. He is humble and charming.

At that time, seeing him with a stunning figure, good temperament, and having such an identity, Mu Huan’s mind quickly formed an idea.

In addition, when talking with the headliner, she felt his resistance towards being touched by any woman, and was even averse to cheating women off their money. A person who is so unwilling to do this job, but persisted like the headliner, must have a reason behind.

Since she wanted to use him, she asked Wu Xingye to mix in to find out why.

“I don’t know what you mean. If you don’t want service, then I will leave.” The headliner stood up and made way to the door.

“Your sister is very beautiful. I heard that the club owner has planned to train her to receive men at his club, and she is only fourteen years old.” When Mu Huan got the news from Wu Xingye, she cursed the club boss. Even girls, who have yet to grow up, weren’t spared.

Even if the headliner weren’t to promise her, she would find a way to rescue the little girl. But of course, this would be kept secret to the headliner.

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