EP – Chapter 200

Chapter 200: The gold-digger who knows nothing but buy and buy?!

At the other end of the phone, Xu Yang sensed Ning Xiaofei’s skepticism, so he asked, “Are you free this noon or evening?”

The young master of his family made it very clear, “I’m going to see her today”- meaning, if he couldn’t invite her, he’d be the one to suffer.

Xu Yan had no other choice but to obey, who told him to work for others?

In any case, that guy is only responsible for losing his temper, and he always cleans up the mess.. Xu Yang has already gotten used to it.

“Uhm …” Ning Xiaofei hesitated a bit, “I really have no time at noon.”

“Then, I’ll pick you up at five this evening. It’s a deal. I’ll contact you later. The signal here isn’t good. I’ll hang up first.”

“Assistant Xu …”

A blind tone was the only sound that answered her. 

Xu Yang deftly pressed the end call button, cutting off any chance for her to decline.

It happened that the elevator doors were separated, and Ning Xiaofei was busy lifting the paper bag.

At the same time, the elevator doors separated and Ning Xiaofei hurriedly picked up some shopping bags.

“I’ll buy some more shoes.”


The driver stepped behind her, carrying the other bags.

The red-clad woman stared at their departing figures and just shook her head.

She really couldn’t figure it out.  How could his son, who has always been very visionary, agreed to marry a gold-digger, who knows nothing, but buy and buy?!!



After buying clothes and shoes, Ning Xiaofei suddenly thought of another thing.

Considering that that man might have thrown even all her underwear, she asked the driver to wait for her downstairs. She went to the underwear department and picked out a few sets of lingerie and two sets of pajamas.

Passing by the escalator, she felt too lazy to board the lift, carrying her big bags and simply went down through the escalator.

Downstairs happened to be the menswear area. Ning Xiaofei couldn’t help looking at those high-end suits and shirts.

A shop assistant came attentively and greeted her, “Excuse me, are you going to buy a gift for your boyfriend?”

“No, I….”

Ning Xiaofei originally wanted to say that she was just looking, but the staff took it the wrong way.

“Must be your husband, then. Just now, a new batch of accessories, belts and wallets have arrived. Would you like to see them?”

Ning Xiaofei glanced at her big bags and nodded.

“All right.”

It’s impolite not to reciprocate!

That man has given her a present and sent her to buy clothes. Giving her something in return wasn’t that much.

When she walked into the store, she was knocked for six.

Thousands and thousands, even a small handkerchief costs several hundreds…

Her purse was paper thin, how could she afford to pay?

Ning Xiaofei glanced around and noticed a delicate small box attached with “50% off special price” sign. Her eyes brightened at once.

“I want this!”

The shop assistant looked at the men’s socks she was pointing at, and rolled her eyes secretly – this husband can really pick the door. His wife bought a lot, but only a pair of socks for her husband.

Of course, that was an unspoken criticism, but she still forced a professional smile and settled Ning Xiaofei’s invoice. 

Ning Xiaofei has used Mu Tianye’s card earlier so this time, she used her own. After having it wrapped at the gift department, her wallet was already empty.

She went to the parking lot with the driver and while he was starting the car, she reached out and touched the small gift box in her bag. Her lips rose gently – hopefully, this guy won’t be disgusted upon receiving it. 

“What are you laughing at?” Mu Tianye asked as she snickered.

“Of course, it’s because it’s fun shopping non-stop!” She turned around with a smile, “Husband, do I look good on this dress?”

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