LLW – Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Xiao Chen Chen, is it really you?

This is totally wrong, right??

The newcomer turned out to be….

That someone outside finally glanced at Feng Chuge.

His lips rose at an invisible angle and the  next moment, he walked into the room and headed straight towards Feng Chuge’s corner.

“I’m going to sit here.” Pointing at Zilan’s seat next to Feng Chuge, the little devil decreed imperiously.

Zilan still couldn’t shake herself out from her shock. 

Not just her, everyone was appalled. No one has ever thought that this freshman would turn out to be a five or six-year old kid!!!

Moreover, as soon as this little ghost arrived, he’s so arrogant.

The people in the seventh class all are aware of Feng Chuge’s temperament. After getting along with each other for a few days, they’ve understood that Zilan and her team are behind Feng Chuge.

Isn’t this insolence and arrogance the kind that Xiao shimei hates the most? Zilan is of the same indomitable temper. 

But now that a little ghost suddenly struck Feng Chuge’s maid rudely, everyone began to mourn for this kid. 

However, against everyone’s expectation, Zilan actually stood up and gave her seat up to the little ghost!!

Feng Chuge didn’t react at all!

The whole room remained silent….

“Woman, has this master’s extraordinary brilliance and peerless beauty got you tongue-tied?” Achen sat on Zilan’s original seat, crossed his legs and leaned back. He ran his eyes down Feng Chuge’s gawking face, cocked a glance at her and with a smile, uttered meaningfully. 

The tender voice rang in Feng Chuge’s ears. 

Feng Chuge finally blinked and stretched out her hand, pinching his face in disbelief, “Xiao Chen Chen … is it really you?”

Achen’s face darkened instantly —

They’ve just met and he was bullied by this woman. 

Achen dodged in his attempt to escape Feng Chuge’s “magical claws”, but Feng Chuge refused to let go, regardless of his gloomy face, she continued to squeeze the tiny face in her hand, and then laughed out loud.

“It’s you! Haha … Great … It’s really my family’s Xiao Chen Chen.”

Hearing her “my family,” flashes of joy lit up Achen’s bright eyes. 

Outside, once Yun Qianche snapped back to his senses, he looked at Elder Yang in stupefaction, “This … what’s going on? How could he be a child?”

Elder Yang smiled stiffly, “This … you know, this child is a distant relative of the dean …”

The surprise in Yun Qianche finally dissipated. 

So it is!

He couldn’t wrap his mind around the thought of a five or six-year-old child passing the admissions test, that’s just too mind-blowing. 

It turned out that he just walked through the back door and came in for fun.

“I understand.”

Elder Yang ripped his lips again. “You have to take good care of him in the future …”

“I will.” Yun Qianche smiled lightly.

The task of sending Di Jue Chen to the seventh class has been completed. Elder Yang glanced inside and saw Feng Chuge pinching Di Jue Chen’s face.

The corner of his eye twitched–

Who would have thought that the world’s first peerless man, who had always been arrogant and ruthless, has now become a child.

And is now being ravaged “wantonly” by a woman. 

What’s even more wondrous is the absence of the tiny bit of anger on his face, which is glowing with excitement instead.

That’s right … just excited …

Elder Yang was speechless as this thought ran past his brain. 

But then, he’s the young master of Tiandifu, how he tosses himself is entirely up to him….

Elder Yang left sighing heavily.

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