SWDP – Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Wants to cry

Bao Junyan has always been proactive. While Mu Huan was lethargic, he arranged everything.

Mu Huan, “…”

Is she in poor health? She has never been sick since leaving Mu’s house! Even when she had the flu many times, she was perfectly fine!

“Husband, last night was just bad luck. I’m in good shape. I haven’t even had a cold for so many years. I do n’t need to exercise, let alone a nutritionist!” She doesn’t have time to work out and just listening to him saying nutritionist, which certainly would be the kind who’d force her to eat according to a certain diet, she can’t stand it!

She eats whatever she wants, and whenever she wants!

“Good.” Bao Junyan rubbed her head and brushed off any of her objections.

Mu Huan, “…”

If only she could cry!

Because of her high fever, Mu Huan was ordered to take a good rest at home. She couldn’t go out for two days, which made her anxious.

So when she heard the housekeeper mention that Bao Junyan temporarily went abroad and wouldn’t be home for the night, she ran back to her room excitedly, and then slipped out of the villa when the housekeeper wasn’t paying attention.

 BBQ shop …

“That’s why I told you not to blow your hair under the air conditioner!” Li Meng scolded, not heeding elders’ advice would only lead to suffering!

“It’s not because of blowing my hair with the air conditioner. I often do this and has never caught a cold, much less a fever!”

“Then how come you burned so high this time? It reached almost forty degrees, you can fry eggs on your forehead!”

Mu Huan’s mouth twitches uncontrollably, “You’re exaggerating!”

“In any case, pay more attention to your health in the future, after all, you are also getting older, you’re not young anymore.” Li Meng advised after taking a bite.

“Sister, I’m only 19!” What does she mean not young anymore!

“Oops, a married woman, I forgot you are the same age as me.”

Before Mu Huan could hear her, Li Meng jostled her mischievously, “Tell me, have you been rolling the sheets with Bao Junyan recently, having fun every night and not having enough sleep that your immunity plunged low?”

Mu Huan, “…”

It’s really possible.

“By the way, that scumbag returned the money to Sister Xuan, and Sister Xuan’s remuneration was also transferred to our account.”

“Just in time, I need that money.”

“What for, are you going to buy a house?”

 “My money isn’t enough to buy a house at imperial capital, I have to do something else first.” Mu Huan was forced to rest at home and during these two days, she planned everything.

“Do what?”

Half an hour later, MasterCard’s Office.

“Wu Xingye, do me a favor, paid service!” Mu Huan went to the youngest brother in their office.

“What’s the deal and how much?” Everyone working in this office are short of money.

“Go undercover at Prince’s Club. 50,000 when the deal is done.” Mu Huan is against owing anyone a favor so she pays the same price he charges. 

“Prince’s Club?” That place rings a bell, Wu Xingye remembered soon after, “That’s an Nlang shop!”


“You want me to be n, be groped by a lang?” Wu Xingye jumped up.

“I reckon you’ll be a trainee when you go in, and there are many pretty boys there so you won’t necessarily need to receive patrons.”

“Don’t think about it, I’m not going! I won’t take this job!” Wu Xingye refused without second thoughts. 

“Don’t be like this Xiaoye gege, you’re the most handsome person in our office. If you don’t go, no one else will do…”

“Xiaoye gege….”

Goosebumps covered Wu Xingye’s whole body at her calling him Xiaoye gege, “Mu Huan, give me something normal!”

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