EP – Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Step on all of them

Although these sisters are the best of friends on the surface, they’ve always been competing for the limelight since childhood.

This time, Bai Wen went to South Korea for cosmetic surgery, and deliberately concealed it to Ji Jing. She wanted to be better on the face. When she saw her, Ji Jing was upset. Just now, when she saw her being run by Ning Xiaofei, settling the envy in her heart wasn’t too late, so she didn’t tell her in advance.

Hearing Bai Wen’s ridicule, Ji Jing reluctantly faced her. 

“Relax, one day, I will surpass her!”

Not only Ning Xiaofei, including Bai Wen, she will step on all of them under her feet in the future.

Dropping that promise, she turned towards the elevator. 

Bai Wen chased after her, “Where are you going?”

“Upstairs.” Ji Jing snapped back.

This idiot, suffering a put down is still not enough, she still wants to stay on this floor, is she waiting for Ning Xiaofei’s taunts?

Several girls left the boutique one after the other, and no one noticed two people standing outside the boutique, who have already witnessed everything.

They were a pair of a man and a woman. 

The man was about thirty years old. He was dressed in a suit, lean, and carrying a shopping bag respectfully in his hands.

The woman is in her advanced years, but her facial features are exquisite and well-maintained. She appears about forty years old. She is wearing a dark red dress exuding a luxurious and elegant temperament.

Looking at Ning Xiaofei in the distance, the woman in red frowned slightly.

 “That … is Ning Xiaofei?”

“Much like the photo, the person following her should be Mr. Mu’s driver.” The male assistant who was helping her carrying the bags whispered.

The wrinkle between the woman’s eyebrows fell deeper. “I didn’t expect her to be such a superficial woman!”

The male assistant smiled, “Probably … just fancies her looks, after all, she’s young and beautiful!”

“If it’s just a whim, his real wife should be a good helper, how did he find such a woman!” The  woman in red groaned grudgingly, “The old man must have really been confused not that he’s older, how could he choose such a girl!”

The male assistant followed her and tried to reassure her. “Madam is right. But … a man, will inevitably be fooled by beauty. She might stay fresh for him for a while, but I believe that Mr. Mu will not indulge her for too long.”

The woman’s tone remained tense, “”That being said, their marriage has not been announced, and divorce wouldn’t be a big deal, but by then, it would be inevitable for the properties to be divided.”

“Mr. Mu has been in business for so long, so he must have some measures. You shouldn’t worry too much.” The male assistant advised.

“You’re right!” The woman in red nodded and sighed again, “I’m not in the mood now, let’s go back to the hotel!”


The two walked towards the elevator together. As soon as they stood, they heard the sound of footsteps outside, and then Ning Xiaofei came in with the driver.

In order to shame Bai Wen, Ning Xiaofei bought seven or eight sets of clothes at the shop, enough for her to put on for a while. Looking at the time, she remembered Mu Tianye’s arrangement for lunch and didn’t go shopping any further. She just took the driver downstairs and bought two more shoes.

When she saw someone in the elevator, she wanted to retreat to another side but, as soon as she turned around, her cell phone rang. When she saw Xu Yang’s phone number above, she hurriedly connected the call. 

“Assistant Xu?”

“Ms. Ning, are you free today?  Mr. Xicheng wants to invite you for a meal.”

Xicheng invited her for a meal?!!

Ning Xiaofei was surprised.

If it’s a meal to admit fault, he wouldn’t be so polite. 

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