EP – Chapter 198

Chapter 198: That’s how wayward we rich people are

Ning Xiaofei sneered, “Sister Wen wen, you should take care of your fake chin, that’s worth tens of thousands, don’t smile crookedly!”

“You!” Bai Wen shook her hand with a tag, her tone turning harsh, “You’d better take a good look at the tag, 4,688, and more than 4,000 even after discount … Blame me, I almost forgot. You have n’t bought anything of the like before. Do you even have a membership card?”

“Only poor ghosts would wear discounted items, and we wealthy people won’t waste our time on such trivial things!” Ning Xiaofei grabbed the dress in her hand, handed it to the shop assistant, and then raised her hand to point aside, “And this, and this, this, this model … All new collections of this season that is suitable for me,give me a set!”

“Miss!” The shop assistant looked at her up and down with a bit of uncertainty, “Are you sure?”

With two fingers, Ning Xiaofei pulled out the card that Mu Tianye gave her, flashed it arrogantly in front of them. 


Seeing the card in her hand, the shop assistant immediately smiled as a flower.

“Okay, take a break at the lounge and we’ll get everything in your size right away!”

“Jealous? Envy! No way …” Ning Xiaofei held Bai Wen’s arm diagonally, raised her hand to flip her hair insolently, “Is this how wayward we rich people are?”

Bai Wen scorned, “So young age yet you’ve learned badly, now you’ve learned how to be a little three. Ji Jing, is your Ji family not ashamed?”

With no pocket money to spend everyday, but still own a black card?

“Miss, better keep your mouth clean. This is our genuine lady, not what you say is a little three, nor a little four!”

The driver who followed along refuted. She is the apple in their master’s eye, how can he let her be bullied?

 Ning Xiaofei smiled and patted the driver’s arm, “Forget it, ignore her! When a dog bites us, should we have to bite back?”

Bai Wen’s face was white, and she screamed angrily, “You … who are you calling a dog!”

Ning Xiaofei slowly raised a mocking smile, “You!”

Bai Wen’s lungs almost exploded. The little girl used to swallow her breath in front of her before is now so daring, has the world turned upside down today?

She took a step forward and wanted to slap her, but Ji Jing grabbed her arm.

“Xiao Fei, sorry, we still have something to do, we’re going first.”

 Ji Jing dragged Bai Wen out of the boutique without delay.

“You… let go of me, today I must rip that girl’s mouth off!”

Bai Wen threw her arm away in desperation, but Ji Jing sneered.

“Do you know who she is now? Unless the Bai family doesn’t want to mix in City A anymore, you’d better control yourself!” Ji Jing looked at the big bags carried by the driver and Ning Xiao, who was sent out by the shop assistant like some important uncle, “She’s now the youngest lady of the Mu family, Mu Tianye’s wife, how can you fight her!”

“Why didn’t you say it earlier!” Bai Wen complained immediately.

“I thought you knew.”

“I just came back from South Korea, how would I know!”

Ji Jing snorted softly, “Didn’t you say you didn’t go for plastic surgery?”

“I …” Bai Wen stuttered, “I only went traveling. But speaking of this, Mu Tianye married into your family, why didn’t he pick you?”

“I …” It’s Ji Jing’s turn this time, “I didn’t want to marry so early, otherwise, how could he marry her?”

Bai Wen gave her a scornful glance, and said sarcastically, “I see, did he fancy you?”

Knowing that Ning Xiaofei now has a backer, but Ji Jing hasn’t reminded her, the anger in Bai Wen’s heart naturally be vented on her.

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