SWPF – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: She won’t be a light bulb

Seeing their horrified expressions, He Lian Xi quoted very sadly: “I told you that this is my San Sao, but you refused to believe it. Let me ask, how does it feel lifting Tai Sui* and breaking it on to of your heads? Isn’t it great?”

“San, San ge (third brother)…” Cheng Jiaojiao is almost ineligible to see Huo Jinchen in normal times, even more so at such a close range.

She felt nervous and shy.

“You are also worthy of calling him San ge, Jiaojiao, you think of yourself too highly .Even if your parents are here, you must call him San ye.” With Huo Jinchen there now, He Lian Xi has no need to interfere. 

Resolving this matter will be left to him.

“I, I …” Cheng Jiaojiao was scared, but still couldn’t resist sending out pink bubbles. 

Undisguised disgust was apparent in Huo Jinchen’s eyes. He didn’t even spare them a word, instead reprimanded He Lian Xi: “Is this how you take care of your San Sao, letting her get bullied?”

He Lian Xi didn’t dare to speak, and bowed her head, admitting that she did something wrong.

Others were even more afraid to go out. With Huo Jinchen’s presence, they gave up the idea of escaping.

“She treated me very well, she’s been taking care of me. It’s them who don’t believe I’m your fiancee. Don’t scold her.” Lu Xingzhi lifted her head and pushed Huo Jinchen away.

She wasn’t really scared just now, merely, annoyed with this group.

Who knew that Huo Jinchen would hug her. 

“Have you had fun today?” When talking to her, Huo Jinchen’s brows softened a bit. 

“En. It’s a pity I was brought here, but the fish at noon was delicious.” Speaking of her scrumptious lunch, Lu Xingzhi’s brows were bent dazzlingly. 

“That’s fairly passable!” Huo Jinchen complimented. 

He Lian Xi finally breathed a sigh of relief.

San Sao is really her blessing!

To think that He Lian Xi fears nothing in Heaven or Earth, not afraid of her parents, not even her brother or relatives, but among her cousins from the Huo family, she most fears Huo Jinchen who appears good-natured. 

On the surface, he’s warm as a jade and a person of noble temperament, but in fact, his belly is black and thin and cunning as a fox.

The belly-black man continued: “You happen to be going to the same university. Take your San Sao with you. If anyone doesn’t watch out where he’s going, beat him hard. If he dies, I’ll back you up.”

With Huo Jinchen’s promise, He Lian Xi’s waist straightened up.

She happily agreed, “Okay!”

“Do you still want to play pool?” Huo Jinchen asked Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhi shook his head, “No, I don’t.”

The good mood has already been ruined.  

“The environment here is not bad. I’ll take you around.” Huo Jinchen took Lu Xingzhi’s hand and went out. When they arrived at the door, he turned to He Lian Xi and ordered, “Remember these people . Not one less.”

The latter sentence was drawled, but intimidating, rendering those inside to tremble.

“Okay, San ge.” He Lian Xi shouted.

At this point, she’s not going to be a lightbulb.

When she’s done, she’ll go home by herself!

It seems that her San ge is also but an ordinary man, who is fond of young and beautiful girls. Although, her San sao is no ordinary beauty, but is much more beautiful. 

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