TOCH – Chapter 379

Chapter 379: Later, I’ll take control.

Fang Chixia has been badgered by Luo Yibei the whole day, and she strained herself to keep the fire from erupting.

Fang Chixia wanted to get even with him for the crime she has suffered today, but Luo Yibei was right.

Su Ran is related to him. As long as he tasks her to do something, it is still his business.

Fang Chixia was impressed with herself for realizing that her perseverance could actually extend to such length.

After suppressing her anger, she glanced at the bouquet in her hand and thought of throwing it away. But considering the distance she had to run just to buy it, she found it a pity to discard it so brought them back.

Luo Yibei and Su Ran left and again didn’t return.

Fang Chixia is now used to being alone. Without him, she feels more relaxed.

She whipped up a simple dinner for herself, then sat on the sofa flipping through her school books with Tuantuan on her lap.

She’s studying a bit late mainly she’s been too bus at work and had less time for school. So on her free time, she takes it upon herself to read her lessons.

Smart as she is, most of her subjects are self-taught as compared to those who has to undergo through professional lectures.

On top of that, despite her so many absences, her exam scores still manage to cover all her tuition fees at the college.

Her intelligence is both enviable and hateful.

She was still studying until 12:00, when Luo Yibei came back.

Four eyes collided and both froze.

He was surprised with her still up so late.

While she was surprised why he always comes back when out dating.

The two held each other’s gaze for a while until Fang Chixia shifted her gaze back to her book.

Luo Yibei didn’t head upstairs immediately, but instead walked up to her, moved to the sofa and sat beside her.

Fang Chixia ignored his presence and focused all her attention on her book.

Luo Yibei caught a glimpse of the vase placed on the coffee table in front of them, then at the flowers arranged in it.

The bunch of flowers, not too small, was just right for the flared vase, delicate and beautiful, the only flaw was that several stems were broken.

Luo Yibei naturally recognized what she asked Fang Chixia to buy for herself. He thought that under such resentful circumstances, she would have thrown the flowers away.

Staring at the broken stems, his lips curved without a trace.

What a temper!

“It was a pity throwing it away, so I brought it back.” Fang Chixia noticed him staring at the the vase and hurriedly clarified.

She was a bit guilty. The bouquet was bought for someone anyway, but now that she brought it back, it was easy to make someone misunderstand.

She was afraid he would think more.

“En.” Luo Yibei hummed faintly, but the slight curve on his lips rose a little higher.

Fang Chixia stayed silent for a while before speaking again, “My temper was out of control today. I’ll try my best to control it later on.

She put it mildly without any hint of interest.

The smug smile on Luo Yibei’s lips sank almost instantly.

On his way home, he has envisioned her giving him the cold shoulder or even bite him like a little wild cat to get even with his offenses today.


4 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 379”

  1. What a wrong method he used , You just pushed her more far away from you stupid man.
    Yeah I agree gave him a cold shoulder or even ignored him let see how long he last .
    Thanks for the update 🙂


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