SWPF – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Come, I’m here

This Cheng Jiaojiao, who thinks that she can be bullied, really disgusts her.

“You …” Cheng Jiaojiao was so angry that she suddenly looked at Lu Xingzhi, who was beside He Lian Xi, and jealousy sparked under her eyes. “He Lian Xi, look at you. No girl in this circle must be willing to play with you. What kind of servant girl have you found! This rustic get up, where did you find this maid?”

Lu Xingzhi: “…”

Did she just get shot while lying down?

He Lian Xi: “…”

This Cheng Jiaojiao is looking for death!

She dared bully Huo’s young daughter-in-law.

Without holding back, He Lian Xi laughed aloud, “She’s a maid, then you don’t even match her shoes. Tsk tsk…”

A man behind Cheng Jiaojiao also looked at Lu Xingzhi and was stunned. What a superb being! This face, this figure, these straight and white long legs, if he’d get her on a bed …

It’d be awesome.

Lu Xingzhi found his eyes discomfiting so she leaned on He Lian Xi.

Naturally, He Lian Xi noticed it too. She put on a cheeky face and chided: “Zhong Han, better put away those eyes. I tell you, this is my third sister-in-law, the third young lady of the Huo family. Provoke me, I’ll fight with you. But if you mess with her, just wait to be cleaned up by the Huo family!”

“Hahaha…. He Lian Xi, choose other people to fool. I can’t believe she’s of the Huo Family. Who doesn’t know that there is no woman beside the third master of the Huo Family, but now you’re telling me that she’s your third sister-in-law, you’re really cracking me up.” Cheng Jiaojiao scoffed arrogantly.

“Little girl, what’s your name? Why  not follow my brother and me, and in the future, we’ll make sure you’ll eat delicious and spicy.”

“Sorry, not interested.” Lu Xingzhi frowned and turned to He Lian Xi: “It’s a pity. It seems we’d better not play billiards today!”

“It’s okay.” He Lian Xi wasn’t in the mood for a fight anymore, watching these people taints her appetite.

“Don’t leave! What’s the rush?” Zhong Han winked at the people around him, and they all surrounded He Lian Xi and stopped them.

“Zhong Han, I’m warning you. If you dare to touch me and my San Sao for a moment, not to mention the Huo family, even the He Lian family will not let you go.” He Lian was really pissed off.

She stood with her arms akimbo.

She can’t let these people hurt Lu Xingzhi. This is the person she brought out, and she must not be bullied.

“What are you talking about, I’m just trying to make friends. It isn’t something Miss He Lian should be angry about.” Zhong Han was also totally doubtful that Lu Xingzhi is covered by the Huo Family. He walked towards her and extended an arm trying to caress her face.

But he did not expect to reach into the air and was caught by a strong and powerful hand.

“Who is…” Before Zhong Han could finish cursing, he was thrown hard onto the ground.

“Huo … Huo sanye(third master) …” Zhong Han stuttered.

Huo Jinchen ignored him and instead walked towards Lu Xingzhi. Lu Xingzhi looked at him with grievances. She seemed fighting back tears, which appears pitiable.

Huo Jinchen suddenly felt distressed. This young girl is truly soft and delicate. Looking at her eyes again, sure enough, she was bullied. 

He cradled her into his arms and ruffled her hair, “Come, I’m here! I’ll help you teach them.”

“Uncle, they bullied me.” Lu Xingzhi leaned on his shoulder and reported softly.

“They won’t have a chance to bully you again.”

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