LLW – Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Injured

That’s right, it is the same aura …

That particular momentum is way more powerful than Elder Qian, who was very close to them!

On the flip side, the greatest threat to them right now is Elder Qian.

Meatball suddenly turned his head and blinked a pair of blue eyes at Elder Qian.

Seeing that Elder Qian was about to hit Feng Chuge, Meatball screamed.

Like a shot, the blue glow at the bottom of his eyes grew brighter. 

Blue flame-like rays sprouted out of Meatball’s eyes. 

“Bang, bang, bang.” The impact caused a round of blast.

Elder Qian was caught unawares and retreated a few steps back.

His eyes landed on Meatball on Feng Chuge’s arms and his anger burned anew…

Elder Qian launched a series of strikes relentlessly….

Meatball is still a low-grade beast and is weak in terms of combat strength. The flames he amassed has already drained all his spiritual power. 

Fortunately, that blow gave Feng Chuge enough time.

Feng Chuge leaped around and finally landed in a wider space, and wasn’t as restrained as before.

“Witch, I’ll take your life!!” Elder Qian was now screaming shedevil, desperate to shred Feng Chuge into pieces.

Under Elder Qian’s ruthless pursuit, there was little chance for Feng Chuge to strike back.

She gritted her teeth tightly–

She is still not strong enough!!

If she were strong enough, how could she be pursued by Elder Qian?

However, after a while of pursuit, Feng Chuge was once again forced into the corner by Elder Qian.

A corner with walls on both sides, where the only exit has been blocked by Elder Qian in a flash.

Elder Qian looked daggers at Feng Chuge and suddenly yelled, “Feng Chuge, go to hell!”

He raised his hand, surrounded by his fluttering robes, and at the same instant, another strong current loomed. 

A gale blew across the hall.

Everyone was once again blinded.

This punishing current suppressed every nerve in Feng Chuge’s body.

Feng Chuge sensed the smell of death right off —

As the gale headed straight towards her.

Her eyes shrank and extended her arms forward. 

“Bang–” The resounding crash exploded in the hall.

Feng Chuge smashed the roof tiles with her bare hands and vaulted upwards.

But even so, she failed to escape Elder Qian’s attack.

The spiritual power that was originally directed at the dead point straight on her head, hit her belly.

Pain immediately rushed all over her body….

Feng Chuge only felt the saltiness that rose to her throat.


She coughed up a mouthful of blood. 

And due to her abdominal injury, the spiritual power in her dantian couldn’t be circulated at all. 

Feng Chuge was hurled into the air and dropped straight down—

“Hahaha……Feng Chuge, let me tell you, today is your death!!” Looking at the paralyzed Feng Chuge, Elder Qian roared with laughter.

A resurgence of power again stained his somewhat old face.

Immediately after, without giving Feng Chuge a moment to react, he struck with a fatal blow!!

This shot targeted Feng Chuge’s vulnerable spot.

Feng Chuge was already injured, and it was no longer possible for her to dodge quickly. 

The speed at which Elder Qian struck was lightning fast. At least, no one in the hall, not even the Dean, has the ability to stop him.

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  1. I don’t understand. Why is MC telling this old man that it was her if she doesn’t even have the strength to retaliate?? Isn’t she just looking for death? I thought that she had a brain to work with, but i guess not.

    Liked by 1 person

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