LLW – Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Di Jue Chen comes

Feng Chuge asked with a brow raised and a face full of mockery. 

But everyone listening got the gist of it. 

It turned out that it was because Qian Ba went to provoke the Xiao shimei first.

It brought up what Qian Ba has done a few days ago. Everyone couldn’t resist shooting a glance at Qian Ba’s corpse and thinking to themselves that it served him right!!

In the presence of the crowd, Elder Qian was struck dumb for a while. 

In the bottom of his heart thinking that Qian Ba really failed to live up to his expectations. 

However, he will not let his son die in vain!

As it happens, Yan Qing, who had been beset by anger, took a step forward and rebuked worriedly, “Xiao shimei, how can you kill Qian Ba?  You have to know that killing someone for no reason in Yuntian College is a taboo. You’ll get yourself kicked out of Yuntian College.”

Her remark woke everyone from their stupor. 


That’s right, killing people under unreasonable conditions is severely punishable.

Feng Chuge raised her eyes and looked at Yan Qing, who was full of glee. “Yan Qing shijie thinks too much. How could I kill people for no reason. Do you think that killing someone in self-defense can’t be construed as reason? What’s more, if I didn’t provide Qian shixiong a relief, then he would have been the one bearing the crime for committing the taboo of killing someone. He would have been the one to be kicked out of the college. The so-called self-esteem is greater than life, think about it, didn’t I do him good?”

Yan Qing stood rigidly.

She didn’t expect Feng Chuge to be so articulate. Even her argument sounds…… giving it a thought, made sense.

Elder Qian wasn’t about to listen to anything Feng Chuge says. 

Whenever he sees Qian Ba’s cold lifeless body lying there, he feels like a knife was chopping at his heart.

This is his only son. The son whom he has spent all his energy training over the years has now been killed under his eyelids.

How could he bear it!

Elder Yang serves as an elder at Yuntian College because he is an alchemist and a charmer.

While Elder Qian is because of his strength!

At present, Elder Qian is considered to have the highest strength in the entire Yuntian College, and has reached the level of an intermediate spiritual honor.

The furious Elder now could care less about others. 

He raised his hand without warning and a humongous current instantly emerged, shaking off Elder Yang blocking him, who then spiraled in the distance. 

Immediately after, he charged straight towards Feng Chuge—

Everything happened in a blink of an eye.

Elder Qian’s momentum is too strong. The students present were unable to open their eyes … 

The Dean and Elder Yang both wanted to protect Feng Chuge.

But both couldn’t match the elders’ strength!

Feng Chuge also felt the strong momentum emerging around her.

Her heart shook.

Well, was she wrong?

But a man like Qian Ba is really better off dead!!

The formidable momentum forced her back, and Feng Chuge had no way to evade it at all. 

This sense of oppression was too strong, and Feng Chuge even felt suffocated.

In the same instant, Meatball who has been languishing in Feng Chuge’s arms finally came to realize the danger. His eyes opened wide with a flash of fear.

Fear stemming not from Elder Qian, but from a familiar breath that was now drawing near….

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