LLW – Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Against the general!

Qian Ba …

How could she have killed Qian Ba?

Although she always disdains that pig-like idiot, she will definitely not kill him blatantly. After all, he is the son of Elder Qian and has a backing, and she will never dare provoke him.

Suddenly, the noisy crowd gave way to a path in which her clear gaze swept through the body sandwiched between them, and her look changed.

 “It’s not me, how could I kill him?” Yan Qing gasped as she exclaimed.

At this juncture, her claim was truly unconvincing. After all, Yan Qing herself just admitted to have done it and killed Qian Ba.

Elder Qian looked at Yan Qing coldly. “Not you? You just confessed that it was you who saw Baer and now feels uncomfortable after you went to see him…”

 “I didn’t!” Yan Qing cried. “It’s obviously Feng Chuge, it is Feng Chuge who killed Qian Ba!”

That’s right, it must be Feng Chuge.

It was she who took her silver needle, and then deliberately brought trouble to herself.

Thinking of this, Yan Qing’s resentment towards Feng Chuge rose a little bit more.

“So what is this silver needle?” Elder Qian broke the key to the matter. “With Yan Qing’s strength, is it possible that you will let your own hidden weapon fall into the hands of Feng Chuge?”

Yan Qing lowered her head —

Clenching both fists tightly.

After a spell, she took a deep breath, “I happened to meet Xiao shimei today, and exchanged a few strokes with her. An old illness relapsed at that time so a fell vulnerable. I’m afraid that this silver needle fell to her at that time…”

Elder Qian couldn’t tell whether Yan Qing was lying or not. 

He forcibly quelled his thoughts and thought back on the dispute between Feng Chuge and Qian Ba a few days ago.

He swept his gaze from the crowd without seeing Feng Chuge.

“Where is Feng Chuge?”

“Xiao Shimei hasn’t arrived yet …”

“Call her!” With fury clouding his face, Elder Qian was unreservedly scary. 

“Elder Qian is looking for me …” Just then, a clear voice came from outside.

The new arrival was dressed in a aqua-blue dress, with her hair lightly twisted up behind her head, exposing her exquisite looks, with a trace of mirth. 

She was carrying a snow-white kitten in her bosom. 

It’s obviously evening, but everyone watching her feels like she’s blooming lotus …

Yan Qing, who stood in place, watching Feng Chuge’s arrival, was stabbed with jealousy anew.

Her envy flooded her senses and pierced by the urge to mutilate Feng Chuge’s face now!!

Feng Chuge certainly couldn’t ignore Yan Qing’s eyes, but merely shot her a glance. 

“So many people? What does Elder Qian want to ask me?”

“Feng Chuge, I ask you, did you kill Baer?!”

Feng Chuge’s eyes swept past Qian Ba’s corpse laid in the middle and answered with a hint of inattentiveness arching a brow, “Ah, so it is because of this.”

Her brief remark darkened Elder Qian’s gloomy face even more. “It’s you?”

“It’s me …” Feng Chuge did not deny.

She did it, and she had no plans to denying it.

This caused another uproar in the crowd, as no one expected Feng Chuge to admit it so easily.

Not only Elder Qian, even the look of Elder Yang and the Dean changed slightly.

Elder Qian seethed as he charged forward, “You wicked girl! You killed my son, then you’ll have to pay it back with your life!”

But before he could reach him, Elder Yang directly yanked him bodily back. 

Feng Chuge leaned against a pillar on the side and met Elder Yang in the eye as she added coldly, “What is Elder Yang doing so impulsively? I did all this according to Qian shixiong’s instructions. I met Qian shixiong earlier and he vowed to cripple my spiritual core. I thought Qian shixiong was fond of this game, so I played with him for a while.”

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