LLW – Chapter 169

Chapter 169: The tides changed

The hidden weapon that Yan Qing shijie uses…

As soon as this remark came out, the crowd immediately exploded into the pan.

The three little crickets who usually follow behind Qian Ba can’t help but talk.

“Sometime ago, the boss accidentally bumped into Yan Qing shijie. Shijie was very angry at that time, and threatened to kill the boss if there was another time.”

“I just didn’t expect that shijie would really do it…”

Elder Qian listened to the three’s accounts without a word. 

But Elder Qian’s face changed. 

The dean and other people in the hall heard them and then were reminded of a year ago. Yan Qing was promoted to Class 2 with her unique skill as the “Goddess scattering blossoms.”

And “The Goddess scattering blossoms” has exactly this kind of fine silver needles. 

Elder Qian held himself back and looked around, but did not see Yan Qing.

“Where’s Yan Qing?”

“Sister Yan Qing seems a little uncomfortable, so she didn’t come over.” The students living in the same yard as Yan Qing answered.

“Call her over here!! Make sure she comes!!”


The student hurried away, but it only took them a few minutes before returning.

Yan Qing was still in white, and she stepped forward slowly. For the discerning eyes, it was clear that her steps were laborious and unnatural. 

She entered the hall only to find that it was crowded. 

Yan Qing never pays attention to matters unrelated to her so she had no idea of what has transpired. 

Elder Qian impatiently flew out of the crowd and landed in front of Yan Qing. In his eagerness, Yan Qing failed to notice the body covered in white cloth.

“Elder, what have you called this student for?”

“Yan Qing, is your leg alright?” Elder Qian took notice of Yan Qing’s leg which appears injured.

Yan Qing’s eyes drooped low, “Thank you Elder Qian for your concern, Yan Qing accidentally fell today and got injured….”

“Just a fall?” Elder Qian resisted all urges. He suddenly presented her a silver needle. “Look … what is this? You think nobody knows what you have done today, do you?”

Yan Qing looked at the silver needle in shock.

Yes, this was what she released when she attempted to deal with Feng Chuge.

But even then, Elder Qian should not be so angry!!

She frowned gently then happened to spot a gleeful pair of eyes on her from the crowd.

Meeting those eyes, they were really Feng Chuge’s!!

Yan Qing gritted her teeth, hating Feng Chuge with every inch of her being at the bottom of her heart.

Up until now, she thought that it was only Feng Chuge accusing her, nothing more.

“Yes, I did it.”

“For what reason did you do so? What grievances did you have? Why?” Elder Qian lashed out emotionally. 

“No grudges, but this student is just uncomfortable with her. However, since she is fine, why is the elder so angry?”

Feng Chuge suffered none at all. On the other hand, she was shot in the leg by her opponent. Yan Qing thought, gritting her teeth. Next time, she must punish Feng Chuge thoroughly!!

Elder Qian could no longer restrain his anger, “Preposterous!!!! My son’s corpse is lying there, but you’re saying he is fine!”

Yan Qing looked at Elder Qian in confusion.


What body?

At the same time, a chorus of voices emerged from the crowd.

“I did not expect that Qian Ba was really killed by Sister Yan Qing. Isn’t someone supposed to be kicked out of Yuntian College for wanton killing of his fellow apprentice?”

“Yes … Sister Yan Qing is really impulsive this time …”

Listening to these waves of comments, Yan Qing finally realized what was going on. In an instant, the color on her face changed —-

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