TOCH – Chapter 378

Chapter 378: I only belong to you

Then he whispered softly, “By the way, Miss Fang, help me order a bouquet at Queen Street! A champagne rose, 11 forget-me-nots, 3 hydrangeas.”

He listed everything quickly and brashly.

Fang Chi was so angry that she wanted to pounce on him and bit off a piece of meat from his body.

The significance behind these flowers meant, I have a soft spot for you, 11 flowers, I only belong to you, 3 flowers, I love you.

With him being so affectionate with his beloved, why bother her so much?

Fang Chixia spent the whole morning running from the west, south and north of the city twice. She didn’t even stop for a breather. Now, she was called out again, and for the purpose of pleasing Su Ran.

She can’t tell what’s between Su Ran and Luo Yibei, but she doesn’t mind nor care.

If Luo Yibei isn’t going to hound her over and over again, she could even treat the third party as air, let alone perform tasks for her.

Fang Chixia gave it a thought.

She decided that if Luo Yibei is going to continue doing so, she’ll resign.

She won’t be able to support herself after leaving Rongxi, but at most, her income would be much lower.

But, in exchange to not having to face Luo Yibei day by day, the thought was much more appealing.

“Okay, I’ll go.” After swallowing the anger in her stomach, she chose to give in, but this was the last time.

The office door was closed after that.

For a while, only Su Ran and Luo Yibei were left.

Su Ran stared at the breakfast brought back by Fang Chixia, spread her lips, and smiled wryly.

Was he using her to stimulate Fang Chixia?

“I don’t like hydrangeas and forget-me-nots.” She raised her face and couldn’t resist commenting.

“Really, then change it next time.” He answered without lifting his face.

“I don’t like crab roe dumplings, soy milk and fritters for breakfast.” Su Ran added.

Does he even have the slightest idea of her preferences?

With his words alone, she surmised that he was only teasing Fang Chixia.

“I see.” Luo Yibei remained unaffected, his response flat as ever.

Su Ran said no more. Even if everything was clear in her heart, he would never clear it up.

Many times, explanations are worthless.

Fang Chixia left for a long time, and when she came back, it was almost off work.

With her was a small boquet of flowers wrapped in Korean wrapping paper, fresh, chic and splendid.

She stopped by his office door, knocked on the door, and when she entered, Su Ran and Luo Yibei seemed to be on their way out.

“Miss Su, this is your …” She wanted to pass the bouquet to her, but Luo Yibei dragged Su Ran and left without looking back.

Fang Chixia stood stiffly holding the flowers, and broke a few flower stems with her fingertips.

Buy it or not, he’s got hooked tossing her, right?

As Su Ran was led out of the office and was about to get on the elevator, she couldn’t help stealing a glance at Fang Chixia.

Her eyes dimmed as she stared at the delicate bouquet of flowers in her hands.

Was the bouquet originally bought for that girl herself?

“Let’s go.”

The elevator opened in front of them and Luo Yibei went ahead.

Fang Chixia was left standing alone in the huge office, holding the bunch of flowers still thinking.

What did Luo Yibei think of her?

Did he really think she’s numb?


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  1. I don’t know I hated Lou Yibei for now , the way he treated Fang Chixia is too much …..
    Thanks for the update and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you 🙂 🙂 🙂


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