SWDP – Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Public morals are degenerating with each passing day

N-lang has never been intimidated by women like wolves and tigers, but for some reason, the two little girls in front of him were somehow overwhelming.

However, after sitting down, as he expected, the two little girls were both bold and daring. Despite their seemingly excitement to get close to him, they kept a delicate distance away from him.

Nonetheless, even with N-lang’s personal sophistication, Li Meng and Mu Huan joined forces and cunningly quizzed him with various questions.

Since they asked more questions all related to N-lang himself, N-lang didn’t suspect anything. He assumed that they were just two little rich girls, who were idle and bored, and came out to expand their horizons, so they were curious about everything.

N-lang’s time is truly expensive. When Mu Huan and Li Meng paid the bill, their teeth were hurting.

“It really makes me want to dress up like a man and work like N-lang.” Mu Huan was really envious upon seeing the money that N-lang had so easily earned.

“You won’t pull it off. You’re too girly to dress up as a man. Just look at the temperament of the headliner, wow, he’s simply a dynamite!” Li Meng felt dizzy recalling the beauty of the headliner.

“Tsk, that’s because I don’t want to be so domineering. If I were domineering, I’m afraid you will fall in love with me!” Mu Huan hummed.

“I think you’re obsessed with the headliner, right? Otherwise, why would you ask more about the clients he’d had? I told you, no!”

“Do you think I’m stupid? I’m not obsessed with him! Although he is handsome, he is far from Bao Junyan’s face value! Having a peerless beauty like Bao Junyan, everyone else is a scum!”

Li Meng nodded, “You said it!”

“That’s right!” Mu Huan hooked her arm around Li Meng and sauntered out.

At the same moment, a black car was waiting for the red light.

“Public morals are now really degenerating with each passing day!” Gong Zeye shook his head.

Bao Junyan, who was buried in some documents, made no sound of agreement.

“So, young girls of 18 or 19 years old now visit this kind of clubhouse for fun, really‚Ķ!”

When Bao Junyan heard young girls of eighteen or nineteen, he looked up instinctively. It may be for the reason that he married a young wife that when he heard someone about the same age as his wife, he paid attention in spite of himself.

By the time he looked at them, Mu Huan and Li Meng had already turned in the opposite direction, and what he made out was only a shadow.

“How do you know they’re 18 or 19?”

Rarely has Bao Junyan showed interest in this topic, so Gong Zeye immediately got into the spirit, “It’s all thanks to my countless experience of reading women! Women may maintain their apperance, but a woman in her 40’s is different from a woman in her 30’s, the same is true for women in their 30’s and 20’s. What’s more, even though the difference between early 20s,18th and19th is small, the feeling is different!”

The group of women in Gong Zeye’s encounters all belong to the age range of 18 to more than 30.

“Those two, at a glance aren’t more than 20!” Gong Zeye asserted, pointing at the backs of Mu Huan and Li Meng.

Bao Junyan frowned because he actually felt that one of them was very similar to his young wife.

Before, Mu Huan and Bao Junyan were newly married, so Junyan returned home very few times. He didn’t care much about Mu Huan. Coupled with Mu Huan’s thick make up, Bao Junyan didn’t pay attention seriously at who he thought was a bad girl before, so he failed recognize her.

But recently, he has had more contact with Mu Huan, and with careful look, he can spot some similarities.

Just then, the green light was on.

The driver stomped on the accelerator and drove away.

Staring at those two backs, Bao Junyan’s frown grew deeper.


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