EP – Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Chén zhōng mù gǔ, ān zhī ruò sù!

An hour later, at Qingfeng Hall.

The assistant politely invited Ji Mo to an elegant room, where Gu Yu was.

When he arrived, Gu Yu was sitting gracefully on the futon, performing Gongfu tea. When she saw him, she greeted him with a slight smile.

“Director Ji, have a seat!”

Later, she brewed tea herself. Seeing her intent on it, Ji Mo didn’t dare disturb, but sat quietly opposite. In a while, Gu Yu held a yixing clay teapot (otherwise known as purple sand) and poured more than half a cup of tea in front of him.

“This cup, I’ll atone for Xiao Han.”

Ji Mo didn’t dare accept.

“Miss Gu, saying this….I’ll blush with shame.”

“I know everything.” Gu Yu kept her smile. “Taste it, this is Xinyang’s new tea this year, it tastes good.”

Ji Mo held the cup and took a sip.

“Good tea.”

“Well, Xiao Han also likes this kind of tea, so you can talk more together later.” Gu Yu saw his doubts and smiled, “He is the brother I mentioned to you. I was born on the sixth solar term so my father named me Gu Yu, and Xiao Han was born on the 23rd solar term so he was named Xiao Han. That child is too proud and afraid that people would guess his identity, so he refused to use his real name. Given that his first song was entitled “Luolan”, the name ‘Xicheng’ was conceived on his debut.”

If one were to ask the wealthy celebrities in City A, an insider would answer with eight words.

“Chén zhōng mù gǔ, ān zhī ruò sù!” (Chen Zhong Mu Gu, bear hardship with equanimity)

Chen refers to the Chen Family, Zhong Family, Mu family represented by Mu Tianye, who later lived in the Mu Family, and the ‘Gu’ refers to the Gu Family. Of course, there is another surname that can’t be ignored, the An family.

The Gu family, one of the five major families in City A, Ji Mo heard about them long before he went abroad.

Later, he was fortunate to meet Gu Yu in the United States, and was appreciated as a partner. i Mo also knew that she had a younger brother. At that time, he only heard people saying that he seemed to be studying in Europe. Never has he imagined him to be Xicheng.

He has already guessed a bit from the way they conversed earlier, so hearing Gu Yu confirming it was nothing surprising.

“So it is.” Ji Mo nodded, “Mr. Xicheng is a very talented singer.”

“He’s just too wayward.” Gu Yu’s tone was a little bit reproachful, but more of it was petting. “I have already spoken with him. He promised not to pursue this matter any more. You can rest assured!”

Ji Mo raised his face in surprise, knowing that Gu Yu was looking for him because of this incident. When he heard that the two were sister and brother, he thought that the cooperation with Gu Yu would be lost. It was against all odds that Gu Yu brought him such news.

Putting down the tea cup he had been holding, he stared at Gu Yu gratefully.

“Thank you Miss Gu, I owe you a favor.”

Xicheng has now taken a 180-degree turn. It was a no-brainer that Gu Yu must have begged him.

“In the future, you are on your own. You don’t have to be so polite.” Gu Yu reached out to help him refill his cup. “I’ve heard from Xiao Han, is there someone under your hand named Ning Xiaofei?”

“Yes.” When she mentioned Ning Xiaofei, Ji Mo’s tone was obviously lighter. “Even if Mr. Xicheng didn’t mention it, I would recommend her to you. She is a very talented and thoughtful girl. Tonight’s first episode of “Dialogue with God”, which was broadcast late, was her brainchild. Despite some altercations, the highest ratings still reached 1.6%! “


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