LLW – Chapater 168

Chapter 168: The hidden weapon from Yan Qing shijie

Earlier, he hesitated wrecking Feng Chuge’s spiritual core, but in turn, she crippled his without blinking nor hesitating.

Watching Feng Chuge, Qian Ba was invaded by shivers.

“Feng Chuge, my father will never let you go!” Qian Ba was terrified, but he couldn’t let himself lose momentum. “I’ll tell my dad when I get back, I’ll let him kill you!!!”

He is a genius of Class 2, and his father is Elder Qian of Yuntian College.

Qian Ba threatened as he struggled to climbed up, then swayed back and forth.

His spiritual core might have been abolished, but having consumed too much elixirs, he could still manage to stand up and go back.

Feng Chuge’s eyes flickered as she watched Qian Ba….

Someone like him can’t stay!!

Her red lips lightly moved while a wisp of hair fluttered in the wind.

The look on Feng Chuge’s face at this moment was entirely bizarre.

Just as Qian Ba stumbled his way to get out of the rockery, Feng Chuge swiftly raised her hand.

In the setting sun, a tiny silver needle glinted with bloodthirsty red.

Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes.

It vanished with flair after a flick of a jaded finger, then the silver needle sank….

Qian Ba, who moved another step forward, opened his eyes wide.

Then his whole body tipped backward and collapsed.

Feng Chuge stepped towards and looked at Qian Ba who died with his eyes opened wide in panic, and smirked…..

“All these are what you asked for!!”

Looking around, she lingered no more and left.


Night fell.

Towards midnight, a sharp assembly call rang throughout Yuntian College.

Not for anything, but just because of Class 2’s Qian Ba, who suddenly died tragically on the roadside.

After receiving the news, the hearts within Yuntian College were immediately alarmed.

No one expected that the bully Qian Ba who had always been tyrannical in his deviltry died in such a manner…

If it weren’t for some passersby at night, Qian Ba’s corpse would not have been found for a while.

Inside the hall, Qian Ba’s body was covered with white cloth.

And beside him was Elder Qian who was roaring with fury.

“Who the hell is it? How could this happen to my son, when he was perfectly all right?”

“Elder Qian, don’t worry. When Elder Yang arrives, everything will be traced.”

In the entire Yuntian College, Elder Yang’s seniority was the deepest, so nobody objected to letting him examine the body.

After Yao Ye was rescued in the afternoon, Elder Yang settled him well before heading to the hall.

Rescuing Yao Ye in the demon tower before had really exhausted his mental strength. Even though he had taken pills to recover, Elder Yang’s face still looked a little pale.

It was not long before Elder Yang arrived late.

In ordinary times, Elder Qian and Elder Yang have always at odds.

Watching Elder Yang arrive so late in such an occasion, Elder Qian nearl suffocated on his fury, but couldn’t utter a word of reprimand.

He is really counting on Elder Yang to find out the true murderer…

Elder Yang examined Qian Ba thoroughly and finally found a tiny silver needle in his dead spot.

“This is it that killed Qian Ba —” Looking at the fine silver needle in his hand, Elder Yang concluded.

“It’s …” Elder Qian stepped forward to take the silver needle and looked at the tiny thing, his face turning terribly gloomy.

“Check it out! Who made this silver needle! Check it carefully!”

He clenched his fists tightly, his face twisted in anger, as if he could not wait to swallow the murderer’s life!!

His son was first abolished and then killed.

This is undoubtedly hitting his face!!

Students in the college have also been pouring in the hall one after another.

Among the crowd, someone caught a glimpse of the tiny silver needle and suddenly exclaimed—

“This silver needle … it’s a hidden weapon used by Yan Qing shijie!!”


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