TOCH – Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Rob her of her identity

Su Ran’s beauty lacks the wild nature of Fang Chixia, thus adding a woman’s touch.

Men may prefer the type of Su Ran, which is gentle and better off at evoking men’s desire to protect.

Sitting serenely in the office, the luster of all other embellishment in the office diminished, leaving them as her backdrop.

“Miss Su, this is your breakfast.” Fang Chixia walked over and handed her the goods she had bought.

Su Ran was caught unawares, never expecting her to buy her breakfast. She froze for a second then shot a glance at Luo Yibei.

With her own shrewdness, it came to her instantly what was going on at the sight of what Fang Chixia has bought.

“Thank you.” But she’d never bring it to light. She opened the boxes, tasted a piece of what’s inside and set it aside right after.

Her actions gave birth to a bad hunch in Fang Chixia’s heart.

“Is it bad?” Luo Yibei, who had his head buried in his work the entire time, did not even raise his head and ordered again, “Miss Fang, please go buy them again.”

Fang Chixia was infuriated.

Was he picking on her today?

The distance in between the shops are far apart and she’s got no insulated lunch boxes. No matter how many times she’d run, the food will turn out cold.

Fang Chixia couldn’t figure out what she had done wrong. Last night, she waived bickering with him and thought everything was under control.

“What’s wrong? Any objections?” Luo Yibei put a document aside, and finally raised his head reluctantly. He fixed his eyes on her, enjoying the fury in her eyes and asked knowingly.

Fang Chixia took a deep breath and retorted sarcastically, “Has Mr. Luo ever run to buy food from the west of the city to the south, then from the south to the north of the city, and then return to Rongxi with them still hot? Without an insulated box, did it work?”

“That’s so!” Luo Yibei seemed to understand, and was about to leave the matter aside, but Su Ran, who was next to him, inserted gently, “Then just buy a few insulated lunch boxes.”

Her reminder floated in between without the least bit hint of reprimand.

Fang Chixia was incensed.

So she is asking her to make a trip to the supermarket too?

Fang Chixia was furious and even got annoyed at Su Ran.

What a pair….

The word from yesterday reappeared in her mind again…. the adulterous woman.

But, thinking carefully about it, it’s as if she’s robbed someone of her identity.

Without her, Luo Yibei’s genuine wife may have been Su Ran, right?

Moreover, if the two get married, they don’t need to be so cladestine as they are doing now and freely do whatever they want.

How Luo Yibei and Su Ran spend time together is out of her control.

She was rather vexed. But what plagues her most is why everytime they are together, Luo Yibei would string her along?

Fang Chixia was furious. She stared daggers at Luo Yibei for some time, but eventually ran out again.

It was past noon already when she bought things back. When she handed them to Su Ran, she spared it only a glance and dropped a faint understatement, “I already had lunch, so, this breakfast … Nevertheless, thanks Fang Xiaojie.”

Fang Chixia ignored her, but swept a cold glance coldly at Luo Yibei.

Luo Yibei looked up and met her in the eye, “Thanks for your hard work, Miss Fang!”

He commended then returned his attention on his work.

But, only a few seconds later, he lifted his head up again.


3 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 377”

  1. She just dumped him and look for the Prince. At least she doesn’t suffer such torture. Getting hard to continue this novel since FL is so dumb and ML is too much.


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