SWDP – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Buy buy buy

“Be a gold-digger, go shopping everyday?”

“Buy whatever you want.”

“What about being unfilial to my in-laws?”

“As long as you have that nerve.”

“What about gambling?”

“Just gamble.” There are many casinos under his name.

“If I were……”

Mu Huan’s next concerns were consumed by fiery kisses, as Bao Junyan finds such boring questions needless.

“Uh…. Hmm….” What is wrong with him? They are still working out on serious problems!

In the next minute, Mu Huan had no time to think about anything else.

Later, she didn’t even know how she got back to the room.

The next day.

Because she didn’t find out what card Mrs. Mu was hiding in her hands, Mu Huan decided to promise her temporarily.

Mrs. Mu asked her to wait for her notice of her arrangement.

In the meanwhile, Mu Huan and Li Meng took another new job. A wealthy woman has been raising an N-Lang (male prostitute) at Prince Club. In a drunken spell, having a good time, she gifted her lover a villa and a card containing more than five million in deposits.

When she woke up, the rich woman was afraid that her husband would discover her affair, so she wanted to return the money, but she couldn’t contact her lover!

The rich woman asked them for the return of the villa, at least. She could tell her husband that she had lost the money gambling at casino A, but a villa was too easy to track.

The rich lady’s remuneration was very generous, which made Mu Huan and Li Meng very motivated. As soon as they received the job, they pretended to be guests and went to the club where N-Lang has been working to investigate.

“Wow! No wonder that rich woman gifted him so many things happily, he is so hot!” Li Meng sighed while looking at the photo of that N-lang.

“He’s pretty handsome, but he’s a long way from that.” Mu Huan pointed at the top name on the club’s signboard.

Li Meng glanced at it, “Holy shit! He’s really handsome! What does a handsome man like him doing this kind of job! He can debut as a star!”

Mu Huan is in agreement.

As soon as they were marveling at the spledor of the top card, the club manager brought a group of handsome men for them to both pick from.

The top card is among them.

Generally, photos are attractive, especially for such business use. The real appearance of people are somewhat different from photos. The visual impact in person is usually much worse, but the top card is completely not!

He is even more handsome than in the picture!

Especially his eyes, which can make any woman fall! His temperament is also particularly good. It wouldn’t be so easy for people to guess, that he is actually engaged in this line of business.

Mu Huan sized him up and suddenly, her eyes brightened!

Her overly bright eyes made Li Meng feel compelled to poke and whisper to her, “He’s not really your taste, right? No!”

“You think too much, he has other uses!” Mu Huan whispered back, reaching out and pointing at the top card, “It’s him! Just him alone!”

The other handsome men saw two beautiful young girls, but when the top card was chosen alone, without their share, they all glared at the top card enviously and left unwillingly.

“Brother, come, sit here.” Mu Huan patted the position beside her and let the headliner come over.

Li Meng, “…”

If he really isn’t to her taste, is he useful in other ways?

The headliner looked at her lightly, “I’m expensive.”

“I’m rich, rich, rest assured.” Mu Huan beckoned him with a finger and motioned for him to approach.

Headliner: “…”

It is the first time for him to see such a young girl in such a hurry.

Although Mu Huan and Li Meng both had very mature makeup on, as a front-runner in reading countless girls, he still distinguished their age at a glance.

When Li Meng realized that she could get in close contact with the handsome guy in front of them, she no longer paid any more attention to Mu Huan’s abnormality, and shouted with excitement, “Brother, come on! Don’t worry, we’re not going to eat you!”

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