LLW – Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Whose spiritual power got crippled?

“Hey, looking this way, what, hurt?” Qian Ba examined Feng Chuge carefully and muttered.

But Feng Chuge remained sitting still without making a sound.

Qian Ba was somewhat puzzled, but at Feng Chuge’s dishevelled appearance, he concluded with his original thought.

She must have been otherwise, otherwise, how could her complexion be so deathly pale.

He scrutinized Feng Chuge once more and sighed.

This girl is indeed a real beauty, even more beautiful than the first ranked woman, Yan Qing.

Lascivious thoughts poured over Qian Ba’s eyes.

Recalling the shame he suffered that day, a sneer painted his lips —

“You have your day too? Weren’t you so amazing like that day? Damn girl, I’m going to cripple you spiritual power. When I’m tired of playing you, I’ll reward you to my brothers. By then, let me see how you can still maintain your lofty self!!”

The moment his words ended, Qian Ba with his chubby body then moved forward.

Although his body is a little worn out, he still has some strength left.

An invisible glow arose from his slightly plump body.

This weak momentum rose up and struck straight towards Feng Chuge.

The impact of such attack, if it were directed to an injured person, would find it difficult to escape.

Moreover, Qian Ba’s blow was clearly directed at crippling Feng Chuge’s spiritual core.

That’s right, spiritual core.

Precisely as Qian Ba has grumbled, he wanted to abolish Feng Chuge’s spiritual power.

Spiritual core is the ultimate heart where all spiritual powers of a person is gathered. Once destroyed, spiritual powers can no longer be absored in a person’s entire life.

The setting sun is thick as blood.

Today’s sunset is particularly bloody.

The air is somewhat dry, and simply a bit more treacherous.

Qian Ba’s force made a beeline towards Feng Chuge.

His lips widened as he grinned —

What a suprise, against all odds, he accidentally bumped into a seriously injured Feng Chuge in this remote place!!

Luck really paid him a call today!

However, an inch away from succeeding in his attack, the woman who had been sitting quietly suddenly opened her eyes.

And right beneath those eyes lurked death!!

Those infinite icy eyes froze Qian Ba in his spot.

Before he could come back to his sense, the icy clad woman sprang to her feet.

Followed by a more oppressive force charging at him —

“Ah—” Qian Ba howled and in the next moment, he slumped bodily to the ground.

After recuperating just now, the internal force in Feng Chuge’s boyd has long simmered down, returning color on her cheeks.

She stood upright, dusted her hands, and looked at Qian Ba who fell to the ground—

“What? You want to ruin my spiritual core?

Qian Ba was rolling on the ground in pain and kept groaning.

“Look, this is how you cripple a spiritual core. Since you want to see it, I will let you experience it for yourself!” The voice suddenly became cold. Feng Chuge looked at the person on the ground without mercy, unable to restrain the chill in her tone.

Qian Ba, who was curled on the ground, felt that the spiritual power in his body was slowly seeping away. At this moment, he finally realized what Feng Chuge had done.

His spiritual core…. it’s ruined!!

He lifted his head in pain, his face gripped with pain and menace.

“Feng Chuge, my father is Elder Qian of the college, you wait, just wait, my father will never let you go!!”

Feng Chuge smiled at his threat.

A smile as beautiful as the spring breeze.

But Feng Chuge’s mesmerizing smile, even for a lecher like Qian Ba, couldn’t help but shiver….

She… She’s even more ruthless than himself!!


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