SWDP – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: If I’m not good, will you not want me?

Mu Huan was surprised, so she was right? So her grandmother’s assurance was on the grounds of her special relationship with Bao Junyan’s father?

But then, “But it shouldn’t be. If my grandmother had good relationships with your father, she could have taken advantage of such relationship to get Mu’s daughter selected. She certainly would have let Mu Kexin participate alone. She wouldn’t have had to force me to participate!”

That’s what’s causing so much trouble now.

“Were you forced to attend my blind date party?” On the day of the blind date, she stayed so inconspicuous in the corner, not rushing nor robbing the limelight, not showing off, not because she was so well-behaved, but because she was forced to attend and didn’t want to marry him. Was that why?

Mu Huan looked down, “…”

Darn it! She unwittingly revealed her heart out with her doubt!

Bo Junyan dragged her to his lap and tipped her chin up with long fingers, “Because you were unwilling to marry me is why you’re so afraid of me?”

Mu Huan, “…”

Blast it, how was she to answer that!

Bo Junyan had no choice but to guess from her silence, deducing that she was forced to join his blind date by her family, “Would you like to even the score with them?”

Mu Huan wants, but this must be kept from Bao Junyan, “I want to handle the relationship with my family myself …”

Bao Junyan’s eyes darkened a little, “Okay, but you have to remember that with me, you don’t need to be afraid.”

Mu Huan was moved with his support, “Thank you husband.”

A man up on a pedestal like him is willing to respect her to this extent and also her support.

He treats her so well, but she’s unable to return the favor. She’s got nothing but go all out to safeguard his chastity, f***!

She must never give Mu Kexin a chance to sully him!

So back to the topic.

“Husband, what do you think is the kind of friendshipcyour father have with my grandm? Can this friendship make your father force you to marry Mu Kexin?”

“Why are you asking this so suddenly? Did your grandmother telling you something?”

“It isn’t what my grandmother. It was Mu Kexin’s adamance that made me worried a bit.” Mu Huan kept her head low.

“Don’t worry, there is no such possibility.” No one could force him to marry anyone.

“So what is your father’s relationship with my grandma?” What kind of friendship would be so strange.

“I asked my father, but he didn’t answer.” When Bao Junyan and Mu Huan received their certificates, his father commented that that since she’s from the Mu family, it was fine.

Did he ask his father of his relationship with the Mu Family?

His father said that he had some kind of friendship with Mrs. Mu. He asked how deep so as to decide how to deal with Mu Huan’s family thereafter, but his father didn’t answer, only telling him to treat Mu Huan well.

Mu Huan, “…”

This is a broken lead.

Bao Junyan reached out and rubbed her head. “Don’t worry about these useless things. As long as you remain well-behaved, you will always be Mrs. Bo.”

His only requirement for his young wife is being obedient.

“Then if I’m not good, you won’t want me?” If that’s the case, when she’s about to leave, it’s going to be a disaster!

“I’ll teach you how to be good.” Bao Junyan’s life is mapped out, and having a docile and obedient wife is one of his designs, which can’t be broken.

Mu Huan, “…”

In other words, it doesn’t work?

“Then, what if I’ve leaned over the garden wall?” Now that she’s started asking, just ask a few more as a precaution in the future.

“Do you want to die?”

“What about smoking?”

“Do you want to die?”


2 thoughts on “SWDP – Chapter 40”

  1. She could have just told him everything and her grandma would be saved. But I respect her desire to solve it herself. Mr Bao, Time to learn more about your wife?

    Thanks for the chapter!


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