SWPF – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Your third brother is a good man

Just the scent of it tells her how delicious it must be.

Lu Xingzhi couldn’t wait to take a bite, so delighted that the corners of her eyes crinkled.

This fish is really scrumptious.

However, after a while, the waiter brought in another plate of braised mandarin fish.

“Is this also instructed by your boss?” He Lian Xi couldn’t tell what Qin Shi Huai is up to. The rest was fine, but what’s with this fish serving?

“I asked them to prepare it.” Qin Shi Huai answered just in time as he came in, “But I didn’t let them do it.”

This ambiguous claim confused the two young girls, who simultaneously looked at him in bewilderment.

“Cough…” Qin Shi Huai saw the thirst for knowledge in both girls’ eyes and didn’t keep them in suspense, he added: “Your fiancé said you like to eat fish, and let us prepare more for you to taste.”

Qin Shi Huai sat down amicably and looked at Lu Xingzhi again, “Let me tell you, I’ve known Jinchen for so many years, I haven’t seen him so good to any girl! He told me to take very good care of you, you can order anything you want and settle them on his account.”

“Third brother is so biased. I’m his cousin, but he has never told me anything of the like. San sao, you see, my third brother is super good to you. Sure enough, the charms of a fiancee beat all others!”

Lu Xingzhi lowered her head. Her face is burning hot. She doesn’t know whether it was from the heat of the hot pot or that the temperature from the air conditioner was relatively warmer.

Then she blurted something that both her companions couldn’t stomach.

“Your third brother is a good man.”



The first cackle is from He Lian Xi, and the fish she has just stuffed into her mouth were spurted out.

She almost choked, but fortunately, she was looking outside so nothing landed on their table.

The second sound is of course from Qin Shi Huai. Does Huo Jinchen have any idea how his fiancee thinks of him?

Where has he found this living treasure!

She could utter such truth with all seriousness.

“No, I’m going to die. Xiao Zhi know, you really are… Hahaha…” Tears swam in He Lian Xi’s eyes.

Fortunately, she can get Lu Xingzhi’s sense of humor, otherwise, like the average person, she won’t be able to communicate with her!

She’s a topic terminator.

She and Qin Shi Huai were obviously trying to showering her third brother in good light, both never expected Lu Xingzhi’s rebuttal.

“Maybe, Jinchen treats you really well!” Qin Shi Huai deduced that Lu Xinzhi’s understanding of Huo Jinchen is still too shallow. He is a good man?

What a joke!

That’s from someone who doesn’t know him.

Orchids and jade trees*, benign as jade are all but his appearances. In fact, he is the darkest man there is.

Them poor friends couldn’t count how many times they’ve unluckily fallen into his traps.

No, Lu Xingzhi’s view of him as a good guy, he must tell Huo Jinchen at once.

This inconsistent good guy card!

This only means that, this young little girl hasn’t taken a good look at her fiance yet!

“Oh!” Lu Xingzhi continued to eat a chunk of fish before snorting faintly.

Huo Jinchen said that she was his fiancée and he should be nice to her.

Qin Shi Huai: “…”

This response is too bland!

“Xiao Zhi, what do you think of your fiance?” Qin Shi Huai probed with perseverance.

“Handsome and rich.” Lu Xingzhi answered without thinking.

*Orchids and jade trees (idiom) – a person with splendid future prospects or a person of noble temperament


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