SWDP – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: There’s a certain friendship

BBQ shop …

“Damn, that Bai Xuexian should really die and go to hell!” Li Meng cursed heatedly after listening to Mu Huan’s story.

“Not only when she’s dead, she should be in hell now!” Mu Huan recalled how Bai Xuexian tasked someone to pull out the oxygen tube of her grandmother and her hatred dyed her eyes red.

Over the past few years, her grandma’s health has been dropping to the worse. She has been too busy earning money to support the two of them, and has no time to think about the past. She almost forgot how vicious Bai Xuexian is.

This made her think of her marriage with Bao Junyan. As long as she’s useful, her grandmother would always give her grandma the best treatment, leaving her enough time to strengthen herself. But now, if she doesn’t make a move to ruin Bai Xuexian, her grandma would always be in danger. She simply can’t take things easy!

“You’re right, she should be in hell now!” Li Meng nodded, “But Xiao Huan, what should we do now? It seems that the only way for you out is to promise your grandmother. Otherwise, your grandma would suffer in Bai Xuexian’s hands. It’s too dangerous!”

If she agrees with her grandmother, she’s also earn money from it. If she doesn’t, her grandma will be taken away from her and threaten her with her life.

“I don’t know what cards grandmother have in her hands. But she is convinced that after plotting against Bao Junyan, even if he’d be furious, she could still force him into promising to marry Mu Kexin.”

“This is not important, what matters most now is what you are going to choose.”

“No, this is important!” Mu Huan shook her head. She needs to know what her grandmother has to determine how to fight back.

“How could this be important?” Your choice is vital now! Didn’t your grandmother give you just a day?”

“I can’t choose anything from the options they gave me, I’m going to put up a fight!” Not only will she escape being at their mercy, she’ll retaliate in kind! Return the favor of their ruthlessness!

When Li Meng opened her mouth to ask her how she’ll go about it, Mu Huan stood up happily, “I’m going to Bao’s house tonight, I won’t be going home with you to sleep!”

“What’s the matter …” Before Li Meng could finish speaking, Mu Huan hurried away.

Bao Family….

“Sir, you are back.”

Bao Junyan came face to face with Butler Li and his eyes dimmed.

“The young madam called back and said she is going staying at a friend’s house tonight.”

“Um.” Bo Junyan murmured and went upstairs.

Thinking that there was no cute wife to hug, Bao Junyan, who was going to return to the bedroom, veered into the study, and then continued handling some business.

Until a knock came on the door rang, a furry head pried in, “Husband, will I disturb you if I come in?”

“Don’t you think it’s too late to ask now?” Bao Junyan wagged his eyebrows. He has already been disturbed, but someone is still asking.

Mu Huan chuckled and walked in with a cup of coffee.

“Didn’t you say you’re going to sleep at a friend’s house tonight?”

“My friend’s fine so I came back.” Mu Huan lowered her head and put the coffee in front of him.

“Oh.” Bao Junyan hummed, then lowered his head and proceeded with his task.

He has no intention of continuing the conversation with Mu Huan.

“Husband, I have been wondering about something and want to ask you.” Mu Huan came in for a favor, even if she was against the idea, she has to bite the bullet.

“What is it?” Bao Junyan raised his head again.

“Parents look forward to having their children marry well, right?

“Whatever you want to say, get to the point directly.”

“Oh, I just find it somewhat strange. With your identity, shouldn’t your parents want you to marry a noble woman from a prestigious family? Marrying someone like me with my status, weren’t they against it?” Mu Huan wanted to know and sound out if Bao Junyan could be pressured into marrying Mu Kexin by his elders.

So, is there any special friendship between her grandmother and his parents?

Why was she chosen at the time?

“I’m the master of my own business!”

Mu Huan, “…”

After a while, she smiled awkwardly, “I thought that my grandmother had any relationship with your parents, so that’s why I married you so smoothly.”

Mu Huan heard nothing useful from Bao Junyan’s answer.

“My marriage to you has nothing to do with my parents, but my father does have a certain relationship with your grandmother.”


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