EP – Chapter 190

Chapter 190: The only exception

“Oh!” Xu Yang quickly stepped forward and held onto Gu Yu’s arm, “Miss, would you like to go upstairs and rest?”

Gu Yu remained still, her eyes fixated on Xicheng’s face. “Xiao Han, what is going on?”

“Sister!” Xicheng smiled calmly, “It’s a little thing!”

“Don’t smile at me with a hippie smile.” Gu Yu turned her face and smiled apologetically at Ji Mo. “Ji Mo, apologies, this child has been spoilt by us since childhood. Don’t get angry, I will let him apologize right away. Xiao Han, apologize, now!”

Xicheng frowned. “Sister!”

Any hint of pampering were wiped out from Gu Yu’s face, her gentle voice carrying ice, “So you don’t listen to your sister anymore!”

Xicheng was caught in a web: “But …”

Gu Yu’s eyes narrowed, her face was gentle, but the seriousness in her eyes were unmistakable.

“Miss Gu.” Ji Mo spoke immediately to dispel the impasse. “You have misunderstood. This is indeed not Mr. Xicheng’s fault. It was mine. Sorry to have let you witnessed such embarrassment.”

Ji Mo quickly picked up the box on the ground, bowed to Xicheng with a “sorry to bother”, and walked quickly to the door.

“Stop right there!” Xicheng yelled at him, “For a woman … is it worth it?”

Is it worth it?

Ji Mo pursed his lips.

*A man has gold under his knees. He grew up into adulthood, whether in his studies or his going abroad …. no matter what difficulties he faced, he has never seeked help from anyone.

This time is the only exception.

Who made him…. he owes her. Taking the blame as compensation, it is his move to be finally at ease!

Taking a deep breath, Ji Mo turned slowly, “If you have to send someone to jail, I will turn myself in to the police tomorrow.”

“You!” Xicheng gnashed his teeth. “You are sick!”

She freely schemed against an insignificant newcomer like Ning Xiaofei, but when he was furious with Ning Xiaofei, Ji Mo bravely stood up for her, without fear of offending him.

Thus impressing Xicheng so much into thinking that he is such an unyielding man, but now…. he really couldn’t figure out how a woman like Pei Ruoxi deserve Ji Mo’s sacrifice.

Ji Mo remained silent.

“Whatever!” Xicheng roared, “But I tell you, nothing you do can save her. If I want her to go to jail, she can only go to jail!”

“Excuse me!”

Ji Mo nodded and turned towards the door.

“Ji Mo?!” Gu Yu still called to stop him. But Xicheng already came to her and hooked his hand on her arm affectionately, “Don’t worry about him! Why didn’t call me when you arrived, I could have gone to pick you up?”

“I just got off the plane and wanted to give you a surprise. Besides, if you were to have gone to the airport, I’m afraid I won’t be able to come back!” Gu Yu smiled and smiled softly, “You……When will this bad temper change?”

“Anyway, I only have bad tempers with others.” Xicheng shrugged and took her to the sofa to sit down. “Are you hungry, do you want me to let Xu Yang get you something to eat?”

“I’ve eaten on the plane.” Gu Yu reached out and took hold of his arm, looked him up and down, and extended an hand to sort out his little messy hair, “You must have stayed up late recently, look at your bloodshot eyes.”

“I’m fine.” Xicheng merely grinned indifferently. “I don’t have much left to do these days. Stay a few more days and I will accompany you … or, if you think my fans are too troublesome, what do you think of going to Europe for a few days?”

Gu Yu curled her lips and smiled serenely as water. “This time, I’m not going to leave.”

“Really?!” Xicheng looked at her face in disbelief. “You aren’t kidding me?”


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