SWPF – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: She is still young, don’t bully her

“Let me see, I want fish balls, a serving of lettuce, and also a plate of tofu! Xiao Zhi, what would you like?” When He Lian Xi finished ordering, she passed the menu to Lu Xingzhi.

“I don’t want to add anything, let’s eat first!”

“Alright. Brother Shi Huai, please tell your chef to hurry up, we’re starving.” He Lian Xi urged him.

“Okay, let me serve you some fruit and scallion pancake to fill your belly first.”

After Qin Shihuai went out, he passed the order to the people in the kitchen, and dialed Huo Jinchen immediately, unable to hold back anymore.

The moment the call went through, he bombarded right off, “Jinchen, you’re really meticulous! You found a fiancee and hid her, without even telling us your good brothers! If she hasn’t come here for lunch, I would still have been kept in the dark!”

Huo Jinchen was a taken by surprise. Lu Xingzhi almost never went out. How did she get there?

“Who did she come with?”

“Your cousin.”

“He Lian Xi?” Huo Jinchen’s brows creased, his little fiancee is lovable and soft, the complete opposite of He Lian Xi.

On the other hand, it would be better if He Lian Xi takes a liking of her.

This cousin is still good at heart, plus they are both of similar age, so they might get along well!

“She’s still young, don’t bully her. Whatever’s special there, just give it to her and keep them on my account. By the way, she likes to eat fish. If you have any fish specialty, serve it to her.”

Listening to his lengthy reminder, Qin Shi Huai deliberately quipped, “Who are you talking about? Your cousin?”

“I’m talking about Lu Xingzhi, my fiancee. I’ll officially introduce her to you next time.” Huo Jinchen is referring not only to Qin Shi Huai, but also several of his other friends.

“All right, you old tree has finally blossomed after so many years. Naturally, I have to take care of your fiancee.” Huo Jinchen’s short counsel made it clear to Qin Shi Huai that he values Lu Xingzhi.

“Don’t neglect her the least bit. She’s still young. Her cuteness is prone to bullying so watch over her carefully in your territory.” It was a total surprise to Huo Jinchen that Lu Xingzhi would go out with He Lian Xi.

It appears that she likes this cousin.

“Okay okay okay, why have I never known that you are such a chatterbox.” Qin Shi Huai resisted the twitching on his lips, “You shouldn’t be serious! It must be hard on you! It turned out you’re this polite!”

“What’s so unreal about it, Since she is my fiancee, I will naturally be responsible for her.” Huo Jinchen retorted righteously.

Qin Shi Huai rolled his eyes at this grandly stringed rationale, he has never heard of anyone being this conscientious towards his fiancee.

Oh, don’t forget a fiancee he has only known for a month.

“Okay, focus on your busy work first!”

After ending the call, Qin Shi Huai ordered the kitchen again, and sent another fish serving to Lu Xingzhi’s private room.

“Why are you delivering so much food? Did you get the wrong room?” Lu Xingzhi feasted her eyes on the variety of dishes on the table, shot a glance at He Lian Xi, and finally looked askance at the waiter who delivered their order.

“This is the boss’s order. I didn’t get it wrong, that is to say, for Miss He Lian Xi’s private room.” The waiter explained.

“Doesn’t matter, Xiao Zhi, take a bite first.” He Lian Xi handed the chopsticks to Lu Xingzhi, and couldn’t help but clamp a slice of scallion pancake first.

Lu Xingzhi also ate one slice and a nibbled some others, but she dared not eat more. She still has her fish.

By the time their pickled vegetable fish hot pot was served, her eyes were shining brightly.


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