SWDP – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Pathetic Miss of the Mu Family

At the heart of the most prosperous part of city stood a towering skyscraper, Bao’s headquarter in Yuncheng.

“Boss, I heard you skipped work and went shopping with sister-in-law yesterday, and you also almost moved the whole department store home!” Gong Zeye exclaimed in one breath.

Bao Junyan glanced at him.

“Looks like you’re really fond of sister-in-law!” Gong Zeye blinked ambiguously, and then expressed with a big heart, ” “We have always been worried that the boss will not like anyone again in this life, not to mention love. I never expected that our little sister-in-law actually has such charms!”

“However, boss, your taste has changed a bit! You used to like bright, generous, proud, confident and competitive, now you like obedient and soft and cute.”

“Speaking of which, when among so many socialites, you chose the most pathetic young lady of the Mu Family, it almost broke our glasses (astounded)….

“Pathetic lady of the Mu Family?” Bao Junyan looked up.

“Oh, Boss, you grew up in the imperial city, so you must know nothing of the pathetic miss of the Mu Family, no, I mean, the affairs of our little sister in law.

“When little sister-in-law was ten years old, her stepmother came through the door. Little sister-in-law went from the eldest daughter and only heir of Mu’s family to Cinderella. Little sister-in-law was also driven out of the house and married off with nothing.”

Bao Junyan frowned. “What about her father and grandmother?”

“Little sister-in-law’s father is a notorious coward. In modern terms, he’s a mama’s boy, who only listens to Mrs. Mu, and Mrs. Mu values sons over daughters. Xiao Saozi’s stepmother gave birth to a son.”

“Nevertheless, now that Xiao Saozi married you, I’m certain the Mu family must be fawning on her and regrets bullying her so much.”

After Gong Zeye left, Bao Junyan thought of Mu Huan’s animosity towards Mu Kexin staying in their villa, which meant that she might still be bullied by the Mu’s family, plus he just sent back Mu Kexin last night.

So he picked up his phone and called Mu Huan.

Mu Huan, who had just left the gates of the hospital, saw Bao Junyan calling and took a few deep breaths. She bought an ice cream in a nearby store before answering the call.

“Where? Why did it take so long for you to answer the phone?” Bao Junyan asked with a frown.

Mu Huan licked her ice cream. “I was buying ice cream just now, I didn’t hear it.”

Bao Junyan at the other end of the phone hearing her lick the said ice cream, “…”

“Husband, what are you calling me for?”

“I tasked someone to send your sister back yesterday, your family, did they trouble you?”

“My family is a bit unhappy, but they can’t do anything about it no matter how unhappy they are! It’s my husband who sent her back! Husband, thank you!”

Listening to her cheerful response, there was no hint of her being mistreated at home, but sounded proud and elated, “I will be home late tonight, go to bed earlier.”

Mu Huan is mulling over how to escape tonight so, “Husband, my best friend is heartbroken and has been crying over her love. I was thinking of going over to her house tonight to comfort her, can I?”

Bao Junyan instinctively rejected the idea of her sleeping outside.

“Husband, she is my best friend. I can’t help but stay with her, please, please …”

In the face of Mu Huan’s coquettish plea, Bao Junyan couldn’t utter a word of refusal, “Okay.”

“Thank you, husband!”As soon as she hung up the phone, Mu Huan’s animated voice instantly shriveled like a deflated ball.

Even her favorite ice cream in her hand lost its taste.

  • Xiao Saozi – younger/little sister-in-law. (I’ll use some pinyin terms because the translation is too long ^-^


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