EP – Chapter 189

Chapter 189: For a woman

The conflict between Pei Ruoxi and Ning Xiaofei was known to all. Besides, she is also a famous anchor in A City TV station. Xicheng naturally thought of her.

Of course, Xicheng could not rely on these uncertainties and deliberately said so. It was merely a strike to the heart, to sound out Ji Mo, nothing more.

Love can throw one into turmoil.

The moment he mentioned Pei Ruoxi, Ji Mo stiffened, thus confirming Xicheng’s speculation.

Twice on her show, Pei Ruoxi left him the worst impression than ever.

Now that he has determined it was this same woman who played tricks and led him in the nose into misunderstanding Ning Xiaofei, the man’s impression of Pei Ruoxi instantly plummeted into the negative.

Even this lobbyist, Ji Mo, was cast into the doghouse.

Not bothering to spare a second more on Ji Mo, he stood up and headed upstairs.

“Xu Yang, clear off this rubbish from the carpet.”

His command not only refers to those real estate documents and securities brought by Ji Mo, but to Ji Mo himself, standing on the carpet.

“Mr. Xicheng!”

Seeing that Xicheng was heading upstairs, Ji Mo said aloud, and suddenly performed a move Xu Yang has never imagined.

The man clenched his fists and bent on his knees slowly.

Xu Yang’s eyes widened and he rushed over to deter him. In the end, he was still one step behind. The man’s knees landed against the carpet and slammed heavily on the box containing the documents.

“Director Ji, you…. what are you doing?” Xu Yang hurriedly pulled his arm, “You…. you get up!”

Xicheng, who turned his face under the stairs and looked at Ji Mo kneeling on the carpet, was also jolted.

If this was for the TV station or the crew to protect Pei Ruoxi, it would be reasonable to send some him money to settle it, but … a man kneeling for a woman?!!

In the hallway, white high heels stepped onto the floor, and then a figure walked around the hallway.

A young woman walked in garbed in a beige suit, simple and elegant. She wasn’t wearing any accessory, but was exuding a dignified air that stems from her bones.

Witnessing this scene in the living room, the person’s gaze fell on Ji Mo, then her eyes narrowed.

“Xiao Han, what is this?”

Hearing this familiar and pleasant feminine voice, Xichen on the stairs turned to face her, shocked at her sudden appearance.

“Sister, you are back?”

Standing beside Ji Mo, Xu Yang also turned around and seeing Gu Yu standing at the entrance hall, he immediately greeted her politely.

“Young Miss.”

As he left, Gu Yu’s gaze fell on him and as Ji Mo’s appearance came into clear view, Gu Yu was stunned so she moved towards him at once.

“Ji Mo?!”

Ji Mo also recognized her at the same moment and a burst of shame suddenly flushed his face.

“Miss Gu?”

“You …” Gu Yu frowned and rushed forward in a flash, holding Ji Mo’s arm, “Get up.”

Faced with Gu Yu, Ji Mo was already appalled, so she let her pull him up.

Looking towards Xicheng, Gu Yu’s expression hardened. “Xiao Cheng, have you turned unruly?”

“Miss, young master …”

Gu Yu lifted her hand, blocking Xu Yang’s explanation, and stared unhappily at Xicheng.

“Let him explain it.”

“Sister!” Xicheng walked to her quickly and grabbed her arm, and this arrogant peerless star man melted into a spoiled child, “Don’t mind this, go upstairs and I’ll take care of things here right away. Xu Yang, take my sister upstairs!”


1 thought on “EP – Chapter 189”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Why didn’t Ji Mo get on his knees and begged for Ning Xiaofei when she was being accused? Even if Pei Ruoxi begged him to help her, she should face Xicheng herself to make things right.


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