SWPF – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Is he an old cow eating young grass?

“Third brother? Which third brother?” Qin Shi Huai didn’t know who the third brother was in He Lian Xi’s mouth, but he would never believe it was Huo Jinchen.

“How many brothers do I have? Naturally Huo Jinchen, my cousin.” He Lian Xi confirmed smugly.

“F***! You’re telling me it’s Jinchen?” Qin Shi Hua’s jaws dropped. Who doesn’t know that the third son of the Huo family noble and abstinent, taciturn and lived up to this age, has never been seen with a woman around him.

Now, He Lian Xi is telling him that this young woman is his fiancee?

“Brother Shi Hua, why would I lie to you?” He Lian Xi has expected such reaction. “Brother Shi Huai, I brought my family’s sister-in-law to eat. You should arrange a better table for us!”

“Okay, I’ll take you there.” Qin Shi Huai answered, but his gaze remained fixated on Lu Xingzhi.

This young woman is indeed gorgeous, bringing to mind a flower that has just bloomed, radiating some tenderness in her beauty. Moreover, this girl is a natural beauty, without a hint of make-up on.

Slender and elegant, simply clean.

Her external prerequisites, even for a man like, who has met countless women, can’t pick any shortcomings.

Just one thing more, is this girl an adult?

Is this Huo Jinchen’s taste?

He likes fresh and tender?

Isn’t he an old cow eating young grass?

But then, tender grass is really what men like to eat.

He doesn’t really have to entertain guests himself, but he is just burning with curiosity about Lu Xingzhi.

“Xiao Zhi, the environment here is still good!” He Lian Xi pulled Lu Xingzhi along. She really doesn’t know how Qin Shi Hua discovered this magnificent farm.

“I grew up in a similar environment and my family lived in a village.” Lu Xingzhi shared unimpressed. She just wants to come and eat.

He Lian Xi’s narrative in the car really made her ravenous.

“Xiao Zhi, how did you and Jinchen meet?” As a friend of Huo Jinchen, Qin Shi Huai actually didn’t know when he had such a fiancee.

Then again, plenty of women in the capital had their minds in marrying him.

“He came to meet me at my house.”

Lu Xingzhi’s answer barely touched Qin Shi Huai’s curiosity, so he asked once more, “How long have you known Jinchen?”

“Less than a month.”

“Brother Shi Huai, let me answer everything for you! Xiao Zhi has an engagement contract with my third brother, which has been arranged since he was a child. It was arranged by third brother’s grandfather.” He Lian Xi took the initiative on this topic.

When speaking with Lu Xingzhi, it’s necessary to directly point it out.

“So that’s how it is!” Qin Shi Huai looked at Lu Xingzhi thoughtfully.

From Lu Xingzhi’s own mouth ealier, it came to him that she is from a rural area, but her temperament is remarkable.

If it wasn’t for her own words, he’d have thought that she’s a young miss with money and riches.

Did Hou Jinchen just agree to Granpa Huo’s arranged marriage?

“We’re here, you can have a view of the garden and the pond from the window. What would you like to eat today?” Qin Shi Huai doesn’t look down on Lu Xingzhi, as long as his good friend likes this fiancĂ©e.

As for being worthy, he’ll leave this matter to them.

Their attitude is only determined how much their good friend value her.

“We’re going to eat pickled vegetable fish hotpot.” The two had already agreed on this on the way, so Lu Xingzhi blurted before He Lian Xi could.

“What’s for your side dish?” Qin Shi Huai also acted as a waiter.


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