SWPF – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: She is third brother’s fiancee

She has invited Lu Xingzhi to eat for the first time, of course, she has to respect her opinion.

“Hot pot? I like it too! I like spicy food.” Lu Xingzhi’s favorite is spicy food. On her birthday, if it wasn’t for Huo Jinchen’s arrival, she would actually have prepared a spicy braised fish for herself.

In the end, she only steamed it.

“Then let’s go eat hot pot. I also like spicy food. Let’s not have the mandarin duck pot, we’ll directly order chili oil.” He Lian Xi is thrilled now that she has finally found a partner with the same taste as hers.

The girls in their circle, each and everyone of them are fond of eating morsels, more like cats. She can gobble up three of their meals in one.

“Xiao Zhi, if you can wait, I’ll will take you to a farm, they have a secret sauce. Besides hot pot, they also offer a variety of dishes. I usually eat at that restaurant. The fish fillets there are thinly sliced and they are so tender. When you dip it into their sauce, my gosh!”

He Lian Xi exclaimed while swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

“I’m not in a hurry. I’m not that hungry.” Lu Xingzhi merely listened to He Lian Xi’s vibrant descriptions and her craving shot up at once.

Naturally, she’s willing to spend more time just to reach that farm.

“Really, Xiao Zhi, I’m not joking. Those fish were raised by themselves. Besides fish, there’s also lamb. I think I’ll roast a whole lamb again. You can also roast a suckling pig, roast it till it’s golden yellow, the tenderness is ruly out of this world. This one mustn’t be without sauce, sprinkle it with hot pepper, which is also their own recipe. So savory. There’s more…”

Lu Xingzhi sensed her own drool almost seeping out. The taste of that picture is too graphic, so she hurriedly interrupted her before she’d feel starved, “You’d better drive carefully!”

She wasn’t that hungry earlier, but now, she feels starving.

“Okay! But, do you want to eat fish hotpot or mutton hotpot?” He Lian Xi started promoting the difference between the two hotpots. “If it is fish hotpot, I recommend eating with pickled vegetables. You can order it spicy anyway. If it’s mutton, spicy chili oil is the best, it’s super tasty.”

Lu Xingzhi wants to eat all. She also wants to eat roast suckling pigs and roast a whole sheep.

“Let’s eat fish hotpot first!” Lu Xingzhi decided after a long struggle.

No way, who made her favorite fish?

“Okay! Then fish it is today.” He Lian Xi has no opinion. After driving for an hour, she finally stopped at the entrance of a farm.

“Here, Xiao Zhi, I’ll take you in. Let me tell you, this farm is actually opened by a friend of third brother. Here you can not only eat, but also do some leisure activities. You can fish by yourself in front. Behind, there is a golf course. Going past it will be the racecourse. Then … “

He Lian Xi introduced the facilities to Lu Xingzhi while walking.

Suddenly, a male voice came out, “Yo! Young Miss He Lian Xi, it’s been so long since the last time you came.”

When he caught sight of Lu Xingzhi, the man stopped on his tracks and considered her for a while, “Who is this young woman, you look somewhat unfamiliar. But with your looks, I’d definitely remember you if I’ve met you.”

“Brother Shi Huai, this is third brother’s fiancee. It’s only reasonable to say you’ve never met her.” He Lian Xi dropped the bomb in Qin Shi Hua’s heart.


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