LLW – Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Fight!

Feng Chuge did not expect Yan Qing to confront her so blatantly.

Before she even thought about it, Yan Qing had already made the move.

Yan Qing is now 19 years old and entered Yuntian College three years ago. With Tiandifu supporting her behind coupled with her own talents, she advanced from the seventh to the second class in just three years. Now, her strength is precisely in the realm of a spiritual great master!!

Her strikes were unquestionably deadly.

Feng Chuge dodged in astonishment.

After Feng Chuge braced herself, she stood still and eyed Yan Qing with arms crossed in front of her chest.

“My rules are not yet up to you to teach!”

That silent gesture drove Yan Qing into gritting her teeth angrily.

No one ever dares speak to her arrogantly. “If you dare to touch my people, you have to bear the corresponding punishment!!”

“What? It turned out that that useless person was Yan Qing shijie’s lackey? Looks like……You’ve got to go back and teach your lackeys well. don’t let them come out and make these mindless mistakes again!” Feng Chuge rebuked with a sneer.

“You …” That smile irritated Yan Qing.

She leaped up suddenly and attacked again.

Yan Qing might be fast, but Feng Chuge was faster.

The two are both spiritual great masters, but Feng Chuge has been trained as an assassin in her previous life, thus allowing an advantage in agility.

Once Feng Chuge escaped her assault once more, Yan Qing stood on the spot, deeply disoriented.

Yan Qing knew beforehand that Feng Chuge wasn’t an advanced spiritual master as she appeared, but it never occured to her that she would evade her offenses.

If this is the case, Feng Chuge’s power….

Yan Qing’s pupils shrank sharply.

She will never let anyone seize the title of the first beauty genius of Yuntian College!

She is from Tiandifu, how can she be defeated by a commoner?!!

“Huh… Xiao shimei really hides herself well ~” Yan Qing sneered mockingly. “But what else can you do? No matter how powerful you are, you are destined to die here today!!”

Her face was distorted as she screwed her eyes up, emitting murder.

Yuntian College doesn’t allow killing.

But she is the daughter of a minister of Tiandifu. Isn’t killing someone is as easy as a hand’s turn?

All the more…. for this woman who threatens her greatly!

The thought galvanized her to mobilize her spiritual power again….

This monstrous murderous intent made a beeline towards Feng Chuge.

Silence reigned.

Yan Qing seemed to have made up her mind to kill Feng Chuge.

Even if she fails to kill her, she must ruin that face, that face that upsets her…

She raised her hand with her hair fluttering with the wind.

She really is an enchanting woman, but her face was full of envy.

In a flash, a destructive white light erupted all over her.

This time around, she amassed ten layers of force.

Feng Chuge sensed Yan Qing’s murderous intent without doubt.

She didn’t budge an inch and greeted her head-on.

Since her opponent is so desperate, why should she continue avoiding her?

In that case, then fight!!

Feng Chuge leapt up and charged straight at Yan Qing.

At this moment, the two were exuding the same momentum.

In front of Yan Qing, divine lights, attacked Feng Chuge from all directions.

This blow consumed ten layers of her spiritual power.

In a rush, Yan Qing made up her mind to defeat Feng Chuge in one swoop.

But when those white lights were about to hit Feng Chuge, spiritual blue icy glow formed a shield around her….

The moment the divine lights came in contact with the shield, they were intercepted….


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