EP – Chapter 188

Chapter 188: I really guessed it right

“Yes, he said … he wanted to tell you the truth about your file leak.”

Xicheng frowned and pondered for a moment.

“Well, then, I’ll listen to what is the ‘truth’!”

“Should I let him come here?”

When Xicheng nodded, Xu Yang immediately gave Ji Mo the address over the phone.

An hour later, Ji Mo’s car appeared outside the gate of Xicheng’s small manor. The gates automatically separated and Ji Mo drove in, pulling over outside the villa door.

Xu Yang, who was standing at the entrance, smiled and invited him in.

“Mr. Xicheng is waiting for you in the living room.”

“Sorry to bother you.”

Ji Mo got out of the car with a box and followed him into the living room.

In the living room, Xicheng was wearing a loose sportswear while leaning lazily on the sofa. When he saw Ji Mo, he just raised his chin.

“Director Ji, please have a seat!”

Xu Yang brought two cups of coffee, each was placed in front of the host and the guest.

Ji Mo didn’t touch the cup, instead he flipped the lid of the box and placed it on the coffee table, then turned in sideways to push it in front of Xicheng.

Inside the box was a stack of documentary evidence, some bills and stuff.

Xicheng glanced at the open box and shrugged.

“What does Director Ji mean?”

“Three houses, one in Los Angeles, one in Chicago, and one in City A. These are also various securities and my stocks in Fengyun Media… They all add up to an estimated amount of 20 million.” Ji Mo lifted both arms and crossed them in front of him somewhat awkwardly. “Of course, I know that your biggest loss wasn’t financial, these are nothing. I just want to compensate. If you think it’s insufficient, I’ll figure it out again.”

Xicheng’s eyes narrowed into slits and suddenly chuckled softly.

“It seems that I really underestimated Ning Xiaofei, she’s got a lot of men lining up to stand up for her!”

“No!” Ji Mo hurriedly refuted, “Don’t get me wrong, this matter wasn’t committed by Xiao Fei. I’m here in hopes that you’d be magnanimous, and forgive … let her off!”

Xicheng sat upright and placed the cup in his hand on the table.


“She didn’t mean to target you!” Ji Mo frowned.

“I’m asking you…” Xicheng leaned forward with both hands on the table, “Who is that person?”

Ji Mo took a deep breath, “I can’t tell who she is. But … as long as you let her go, I can do anything for you!”

“Anything?” Xicheng laughed. “Okay, everything right?”

He brushed away the documents Ji Mo put on the table, and lifted his feet to step on the box.

“Then get on your knees and beg me!”

“Mr. Xicheng.” Ji Mo stood up from the sofa. “I’m sincerely asking you.”

Xicheng raised his foot and kicked the box aside, raised his right finger and pointed at Ji Mo’s face, “I tell you, Xiao Ye is not short of money, let alone 20 million. I don’t even need 20 million, I just need Pei, Ruo, Xi imprisoned!”

Hearing her name, Ji Mo’s face froze in an instant.

“I’m right!” Xicheng sneered, “I really guessed it right!”

Since it was not Ning Xiaofei, it must be the person hostile to her. Pei Ruoxi and Ning Xiaofei’s bet was well-known and being in the entertainment circle, Xicheng naturally knew of it.

In the whole crew, how many people could make Ji Mo take responsibility out of a predicament?




2 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 188”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    By saying that Pei Ruoxi didn’t mean to target Xicheng, Ji Mo’s indirectly admitting that she deliberately targeted Ning Xiaofei and the fact that he knows this yet came to fix it for her just because she got caught and threatened to kill herself says a lot about Ji Mo, it’s like he’s making light of the damage that Pei Ruoxi has caused. Ning Xiaofei’s future and reputation would have been destroyed had Mu Tianye not showed up and made his stance clear so Ji Mo’s attempt to fix this is invalid and shows how insincere Pei Ruoxi is, she should be the one standing in front of Xicheng apologizing and trying to make amends for what she has done.


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