LLW – Chapter 162

Chapter 162: You are indeed a wonderful master

“You knew it was so dangerous, what were you doing so desperately?” At the bloodless face of Elder Yang and his increasingly haggard appearance, Feng Chuge grumbled.

Elder Yang just twitched his lips, “”My disciple requested my help, of course I have to do it. It seems that I am really a wonderful master.”

After speaking, Elder Yang coughed violently.

His gall evoked a smile from Feng Chuge.

This old man …

She shook her head slightly. “Yes, you are indeed a wonderfull master.”

Elder Yang raised his eyebrows. “For sure…”

Suddenly, he faltered.

Turning his head, he looked at Feng Chuge, his eyes wide in obvious disbelief, “What did you just call me? You called me Master?”

His old face was filled with great joy.

“Old man, have you hurt your ears?” On the side, Yao Ye, who had been standing, broke his silence.

Since Elder Yang began chanting, Yao Ye has never spoken.

But listening to Elder Yang’s doubt, he finally couldn’t hold his breath.

Garbed in a red robe, Yao Ye leaned against the wall and looked down at Elder Yang and Feng Chuge.

If Elder Yang had heard such sarcastic remark in the past, he’d certainly pick a fight.

Except today, where he only responded with a smirk.

“See that? He hurt not only his ears but also his brain.” Yao Ye’s red eyes flickered in a jeer.

Feng Chuge also looked at Elder Yang helplessly.

This old man …

He’s outrageous….

Elder Yang finally shook himself out of his joy and swallowed a pill from his sleeves.

He is an advanced alchemist. He can completely heal such injuries.

It took only a few moments before his complexion returned to normal.

“All right, let’s go out. Now, he should be able to go out.” Elder Yang said.

Elder Yang walked ahead with Feng Chuge, while Yao Ye took the rear.

He walked towars the iron doors of the tower, looked at the sun shining, inhaled the fragrance outside, and completely fell into a moment of doubt.

Can he really go out?

Having been held capture for so long, can he finally get to see what’s out there now?

His steps moved steadily then halted, still feeling a bit hesitant.

Not that he was scared… instead, he feels that everything was all but a dream.

“Yao Ye, what’s wrong?” Feng Chuge and Elder Yang had already gone outside, but both saw Yao Ye standing in place, looking particularly strange.

The sun’s rays were scattered on Yao Ye’s face, and his almost white face was completely exposed to the air.

That demonic face seemed in a trance. After waiting for a time, he slowly strode forward until he passed through the doors….

This time, it was different.

In the past, as soon as he approached the doors of the tower, he’d be bombarded by the seal at once.

This time, he walked out smoothly.

Until Yao Ye saw the entire place outside did he finally regain his senses.

Yes, he is out!!

At the bottom of his red eyes, enormous waves emerged prominently.




All pent-up emotions that accumulated over the years sprung up.

His fists clenched tightly.

His cold thin lips bent in an arc without a trace.

That tear mole in the lower left corner of his eyes, made that charming face even more demonic.

Feng Chuge saw through the hatred in his eyes, “Do you want revenge?”

His thoughts were interrupted. Yao Ye glanced at Feng Chuge in shock, but saw her smiling, “It’s time you get your revenge. Since they owe you, go collect it!”

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