SWDP – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Give you what you want most

“Opportunity?” Mu Huan raised an eyebrow.

Finally it comes to the point.

“Twenty million, as long as you give Bao Junyan a Y, let him have sleep with Kexin, and after the incident voluntarily divorce him, I will give you 20 million. I’ll let you take your grandmother away, and later, you and the Mu family won’t have anything to do with each other anymore!”

“I know, this is what you want most.”

This is indeed what Mu Huan wants the most, but …

What she wants, she needs nobody to give it to her!

But instead of refusing directly, Mu Huan asked, “What makes grandma think that if you let them sleep together, Bao Junyan would definitely marry Mu Kexin?”

Her grandmother isn’t stupid and will not think that as long as Bao Junyan slept Mu Kexin, she could force Bao Junyan to marry her.

So, she giving her such a generous offer, only means that there are grounds for her absolute success.

“You don’t have to worry about this.”

“How can I not care about it, if grandma fails, the first to be killed by Bao Junyan would be me.”

“You cherish your life, and I value mine even more. If there is no 100% chance of success, how can I dare plot against Bao Junyan?” Mrs. Mu doesn’t trust Mu Huan, so naturally she wouldn’t share her anything.

Mu Huan bowed low, certain that her grandmother indeed has a hidden card for success.

It’s just that, what can it be?

She couldn’t think of anything, that her grandmother could have to risk plotting evil on Bao Junyan.

She has to admit, the difference between the Mu family and the Bao family is not a little bit, but heaven and earth!

Bao Junyan could choke the Mu family with one finger.

What card does her grandma have to force such a powerful Bao Junyan to marry Mu Kexin?

“I know you’re afraid without me revealing anything. Let’s do this. As long as you promise me, I’ll give you 10 million in advance, and the other 10 million will be handed over to your dad for safekeeping. Afterwards, your dad will definitely not rely on you.”

When Mrs. Mu’s words fell, Mu Dongsheng immediately nodded in a hurry, “Xiao Huan, rest assured, Dad will give you the money by then! Just listen to your grandma, promise your grandma!”

Mu Huan looked at her father.

“Xiao Huan, Dad won’t hurt you. Promise your grandmother and take the money to live the life you want!” Mu Dongsheng seconded then suddenly thought of another matter, “You also don’t have to worry about your studies, your grandma has found a place for you at the Imperial University. After everything else, you’ll cap the quota and go to the Imperial University. By then, all you have to do is transfer to the department of your choice!”

Mu Huan looked down and said nothing.

“Xiao Hhuan, I’ll give you a day to think about it. At this same time tomorrow, I will get your answer. Don’t run out of time.” Mrs. Mu winked at Mu Dongsheng, stood up and left.

After Mrs. Mu left, Mu Dongsheng relaxed a lot. “Xiao Huan, please promise your grandma and leave with money. Otherwise, I don’t know what else that woman, Bai Xuexian, would do to torture your grandma!”

His daughter who knows how to fight was beaten. It must be due to being threatened by that woman with her grandmother.

“Dad, do you know why grandma is so sure that Bao Junyan would marry Mu Kexin?”

“This secret, how could she let your dad know of it!” Mu Dongsheng really didn’t know, he was only responsible for carrying out Mrs. Mu’s orders.

Mu Huan looked at her father and didn’t know what to say.

“Please don’t hesitate, Xiao Huan, promise your grandma! Didn’t you cry and begged me not to marry Bao Junyan? Now that you can leave and still have the money, such a boon, what are you hesitating for?’

“Dad is only thinking for your own good!”

“If I promise grandma, how much will grandma give you?” For her own good? Hahaha….

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