TOCH – Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Track him on a date.

Xiao Zuo didn’t go in, but acted like a paparazzi on a lookout with a telescope hanging around his neck while staring calmly at the pair in the restaurant.

Fang Chixia sat right next to him and did not go in.

Her main purpose was to look after Xiao Zuo, but sitting outside, she couldn’t help looking at the restaurant.

Luo Yibei and Su Ran are sitting by the window. The restaurant they chose is very stylish. Their table is also adorned with rose petals, which resembles a dinner date of a couple.

Soon after Su Ran sat down, the waiter brought her a bunch of delicate white roses.

But she didn’t seem to like wite look and set it aside.

Su Ran is undoubtedly a classy woman with a refined taste. She bears this enigmatic nobility. Coupled with her exquisite features, sitting just there borders a static painting, she warms the heart and delights the eye.

Fang Chixia watched her quietly then stiffly averted her eyes.

The restaurant was a bit distant from their taxi and they couldn’t hear a thing in their conversation.

Su Ran seems to talk endlessly for the two remained inside until ten in the evening.

Fang Chixia glanced in the direction of the two and couldn’t resist a gibe: “I never knew he was actually this patient!”

“What did you say?” Xiao Zuo was still lying on the window and staring at the two of them. Hearing her murmur, he glanced over her side and marveled.

“Nothing. Keep what you’re doing.” Fang Chixia mussed his hair and looked away.

The two people sat there long. Xiao Zuo outside was so sleepy, and finally fell asleep on Fang Chixia’s shoulder.

Fang Chixia got ready to bring him home when Luo Yibei and Su Ran finally came out after several hours.

Fang Chixia remained in the taxi and thought of leaving after them.

But to her surprise, Luo Yibei called for a taxi and sent Su Ran back alone.

His conduct baffled Fang Chixia.

Luo Yibei stood along the street late at night and didn’t get on the car immediately, more like waiting for someone.

The street lights that fell above his head drew a long shadow behind him, softened his coldness.

Two people, one sitting quietly in the cab and the other standing outside, remained on a deadlock for a while, until the moment Luo Yibei’s gaze swept towards her all of a sudden.

Meeting his eyes, Fang Chixia felt like she’s been caught red handed and instinctively ducked low to hide. But Luo Yibei approached in a few steps.

“Not come out yet?” Opening the door beside her, he stood in front of her.

Fang Chixia was a little embarrassed, mainly for fear of misunderstanding.

She’s been watching for so long. Not to mention others, she also feels like the kind of woman who came tracking to catch her husband for adultery.

“I just accompanied Xiao Zuo.” She swallowed her explanation awkwardly.

“Follow me!” Luo Yibei faintly glanced at Xiao Zuo, who was sleeping next to her, carried him up and walked in front of the car.

When they reached his car, Fang Chixia helped him open the door. He lay Xiao Zuo in the rear seat and slammed the door.

“I’ll just sit back.” Fang Chixia also wanted to squeeze in, but he arrested her wrist.

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