SWDP – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Cherish this opportunity

“Your grandfather and I were friends, and I grew up with your grandfather. Everyone thought we were a couple, that we would get married. But your grandfather loved your grandmother and made me a pariah in front of people’s eyes, the abandoned woman. I was so humiliated!” Mrs. Mu is an only child. Because she is the only successor, she is very competitive and has a strong self-esteem.

She hated to admit that the man she has always liked, loved someone who was inferior to her in all aspects, so she hated Mu Huan’s grandmother.

But her ruthlessness was beyond reproach. She has always been a patient woman. So she maintained being friends with Mu Huan’s grandfather. The two were good friends, and then she let her only child marry the other’s only daughter, took possession of the couples’ properties, and ruined the life-long happiness of their only daughter.

Even so, she was not reconciled. She wanted to drive Mu Huan’s grandmother as worse as she could be.

Therefore, despite her hatred, she assumed responsibility of Mu Huan’s grandmother.

Behind these words, even if Mrs. Mu doesn’t say, Mu Huan could guess. This made her feel that this grandmother is horrendous and her heart is unfathomable.

Telling her this story must have been within her calculations.

Sure enough.

“Grandma wants to tell you this just so you know grandma hates you for a reason. I never wanted to hate you, but I can’t control my emotions. In have never been disgraced as much as I had because of your grandmother.” To some extent, Mrs. Mu was honest. She did try to be better for this granddaughter, after all, she is still her granddaughter. but……

“Nevertheless, you are my granddaughter. If you can, I also want you to live a better life…”

“Grandma, please speak straight.” Mu Huan interrupted Mrs. Mu not wanting to hear her playing the family card.

“I know you’re still working hard because you want to be able to take your grandmother away to live in another city.” Mrs. Mu naturally knows her granddaughter well in order to control her properly.

“You want to leave Yuncheng to take your grandmother to the capital, right?”

Mu Huan remained silent.

“The capital is your grandmother’s hometown, or the city with the best medical facilities. You’ve chosen the place well.” Mrs. Mu paused.

“If you want to give your grandmother a good life, if you want to leave, you won’t let your grandmother be in a condition under what she is now, let alone rent a room. Don’t let your grandmother drag you along. I don’t want you to be so stupid. For your grandmother’s health, you certainly need to be closer to a hospital. But the price of houses in the capital is exorbitant and must be in tens of millions, not to mention houses located near a good hospital.”

“Even if you are indeed capable, in the end, you’re still a student. When will you earn tens of millions? In particular, your grandmother needs a lot of money to support her medication. There will only be more and less places you’ll spend money in the future. So how hard would it take you to work and earn enough money?”

Every word of Mrs. Mu is a cruel fact.

These difficulties are what Mu Huan has to face.

“These are merely what I found about you, not that I’m spying on you. The hardships you have to face. If I refuse to let you go and let you not live a good life, did you think you’ll be able to take your grandmother to the capital that easily? Girl, don’t be so naive.”

“If I don’t want you to live well, it’s no use taking your grandmother to run anywhere!”

Mu Huan clenched his hands on her legs.

Mrs. Mu reached for her hands, unfurled her clenched hands and stroked them gently, “Child, now grandma gives you a chance, a chance to take your grandmother and live a good life without having to work so hard. It’s also in consideration of our blood relationship. You should cherish this opportunity.”

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