EP – Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Worth all the best


Why else would he wrap it in a box, wasn’t that so he could surprise her?

And the outcome!

This stinky girl set his gift aside, and instead unwrapped a shitty CD!

“No need to say anything, I know!” She pursed her lips, untied the ribbon on it and opened the lid. There she saw an exquisite jewelry box. “What a beautiful jewelry box, thank you husband!”

Mu Tianye rolled his eyes.

“Open it!”

Would he give her woman such a low-grade jewelry?

Ning Xiaofei inspected the carved medieval-style box in her hand and carefully turning over the lid. A chain with various shades of blue diamonds dangling in black tassles, stood out dazzingly.

At a glance, deep and shallow diamonds flickered, mirroring a starry sky under the lights.

At first glance, Ning Xiaofei was amazed by the unique design. It took her a while to breathe again.

“What a splendid view!”

The man’s face eased a bit.

“Like it?”

“Of course!” Ning Xiaofei raised her face and beamed at him. “Thank you husband.”

“Put it on for me.”


She gingerly lifted the chain out with both hands, looked at it, and frowned.

“Husband, this look a bit odd, right?This……Why is this necklace so short?” She looked closely at the chain in her hand, and then compared it with her wrist. “It also is a bit too long for a bracelet… Honey, did you buy it wrong?!”

The man didn’t bother to explain to her. He grabbed her slender foot with a large palm pulled a small white sock off, and fastened the anklet around her ankle.

The anklet dangled perfectly, just covering her ankle bones. The long and short tassels inlaid with gemstones dangled down on her dainty foot, rendering her skin whiter and smoother as a jade.

Sure enough, it had the same effect as he imagined.

Raising his hand and pulling her foot over his own leg, Mu Tianye stretched out his fingers to organize her anklet and raised his lips with satisfaction.

Feeling that the man’s fingers caressing her skin, Ning Xiaofei was tickled and arched the back of her foot.

“It turned out to be an anklet. This is the first time I’m wearing one. It is so beautiful …” She raised her foot and shook it, staring at the dazzling diamonds under the light for a while, and then shook her head gently. “It’s such a valuable thing…. it’s a waste wearing it on my foot!”

“Nonsense!” Mu Tianye caught her little foot. “My woman deserves all the best.”

Ning Xiaofei blushed instantly, the girl stretched both legs on his sides, leaned on the side, and wound her arms around his neck, then gifted him a peck on the cheek.

“Thanks husband!”

He was so busy, but still remembered bringing her a gift, which was rare.

Of course, she was thanking him not only for his gift, but also for his trust and all … if it weren’t for his appearance today, she would not dare to imagine how things would have progressed.

Raising his hand to embrace her back, the man’s palm fell on her neck, stroking it gently, then his thumb raised her chin onto his shoulder.

“Don’t be afraid, I will return you an innocence!”

She raised the corners of her lips and nodded lightly.


The man turned his face and kissed her naturally. Ning Xiaofei didn’t dodge, just clasped his neck, closed her eyes, and opened her lips allowing access to plunder.

While kissing her, the man’s fingers moved up along her heels, brushing her calf, sliding to her knees …

The girl arched her feet sensitively with the anklet around her foot shining a dazzling brilliance.

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