TOCH – Chapter 370

Chapter 370: Chixia, duped

“What did you say?” Fang Chixia’s lifted her face from a string of French, as if she has just heard him.

“I said, Su Ran will definitely leave with my brother in the evening, and we will follow.” Xiao Zuo smiled and answered.

“What follow? What is there to follow?” Fang Chixia returned dispassionately.

“Then you don’t have go. But I’ll go, will you stay with me?” Xiao Zuo smiled again.

Fang Chixia was speechless.

Was there anything different about this from what he said earlier?

“Then it’s a deal” Xiao Zuo smiled animatedly. He slipped down his chair and turned to call Sha Zhixing.

“Hello, aunt, Xia Xia will send me back later so I won’t be going back with you. You and second uncle can go home first after work, you don’t have to wait for me.” After reporting to Sha Zhixing, he hung up.

He spoke quickly and cracked a series of words.

“Hey!” Fang Chixia’s face changed in shock, but was a step too late to stop him.

“It’s already done.” Xiao Zuo shrugged and switched off his cool child’s mobile phone.

Fang Chixia looked at him inconceivably, and patted his head with her hands.

Has she been hoodwinked by this despicable kid?

Xiao Zuo came with the couple Sha Zhixing and Luo Xichen, but now that he called the couple to leave without him, Luo Yibei certainly won’t be the one sending him back.

Wasn’t that tantamount to relying on her?

Fang Chixia was not interested on spying Luo Yibei, even more so in engaging with any of the Luo Family. Now Xiao Zuo has just killed two birds with one stone. Not only did she have to accompany him, she also has to send him back home, forcing her to go to the Luo’s residence once more!

This kid!

Fang Chixia couldn’t believe that she had been pinned down by such a small child!

Xiao Zuo crossed his legs on the side of the sofa and smiled innocently at her.

“I can’t take care of you for the time being.” Fang Chixia glared at him and continued working.

At five in the evening, as Xiao Zuo expected, Luo Yibei and Su Ran came out together.

Su Ran hooked her hand freely on his arm, the picture of a pair of lovers.

She has only been in the office twice in two days, but most of Rongxi’s employees remember her face.

Rumours of the imminent birth of the new young lady even blew up inside Rongxi.

When they were leaving, Luo Yibei glanced towards Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia looked up, briefly met his eyes, and shifted her gaze at Su Ran beside him, then said nothing.

“Ran Ran, let’s go!” The two walked away side by side.

“Brother, goodbye!” Xiao Zuo waved his little hand at Luo Yibei from behind, his face smiling remarkably harmless.

Luo Yibei and Su Ran barely disappeared, when his figure tailed behind in a few steps.

With everyone including the Luo Family gone off work and Xiao Zuo having informed Sha Zhixing that Fang Chixia will be accompanying him,

The role of his guardian naturally fell on Fang Chixia’s shoulders. When he left, she had to follow behind.

There wasn’t even a need for Xiao Zuo to chew his tongue as he did in the afternoon.

After Xiao Zuo came out, he flagged down a taxi and boarded it with her.

This little master who came out of the Luo family has everything in control. After getting into taxi, he fished out several hundred bills and generously handed them to the driver. “Keep the change, just follow that Lamborghini in front.”

The taxi where the two of them were then left Rongxi, followed Luo Yibei’s car, and finally stopped at a western restaurant.

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