TOCH – Chapter 366

Chapter 366: Like him, grab him

Luo Yibei frowned and blinked indifferently.

Xiao Zuo, who was standing nearby, witnessed this scene soundlessly, his eyes shining with smiles, and hidden thoughts swirling in his little head.

Sha Zhixing was the same, smiling at this interaction with her own considerations.

“Let’s go!” Luo Xichen wasn’t a theater lover, so he took her hand and led her to their office upstairs.

In a second, only Xiao Zuo was left.

Xiao Zuo approached Fang Chixia’s desk, propped his elbows up and started chattering with her, “Look at you, you’re doing it wrong again. With this appearance, you’re still longing for my brother. He’ll be taken away by other’s sooner or later!”

He’s only seven years old. She really doesn’t know where he’d learned such mature thoughts. His views are always neatly laid out rather like a small grownup.

Fang Chixia was again lost for words, but decided not to respond.

He said she’s longing for him then say she’s longing for him!

“Do you know how that woman in there is related to my brother?” Xiao Zuo added.

“What’s their relationship?” Fang Chixia actually wasn’t interested in knowing, but still responded instinctively.

Xiao Zuo moved a chair and placed it next to her. He sat cross-legged and continued to chat with her. “Green plums and hobby-horse (childhood sweethearts), understand?”

Fang Chixia was caught offguard and the fingers flipping through some pages froze.

“Do you know what green plums and hobby horse mean? Don’t you know that green plums shouldn’t be taken lightly? The most threatening rivals are green plums, do you know? Why do you lack even a tiny sense of competition?” Xiao Zuo complained grudgingly.

“What sense of competition?” Fang Chixia was again speechless.

Why should she fight for someone who wasn’t hers to begin with?

“You, you…” Xiao Zuo was so angry, his face flushed red.

“You should read more children’s picture story books, spend less time on adult affairs.” Fang Chixia bowed down and continued reading the file in her hands.

She’s the image of someone unaffected, regardless of what’s happening around her, it leaves no billows in her heart.

Xiao Zuo was itching to teach her more, but he has no other alternatives.

“Go watch cartoon! This sister is working.” Fang Chixia pushed him.

Xiao Zuo shot her a resentful glance before he swung his hands away.

Fang Chixia continued working for a while, and the door of Luo Yibei’s office suddenly opened.

“Miss Fang, come in!” Standing outside the door, he beckoned her.

Fang Chixia hesitated thinking of Su Ran’s presence inside.

But reminded of her own assistant status, she stood up and went in, “Okay.”

After Lou Yibei called her in, he sat leisurely down on his French swivel chair and ordered her to make coffee, “Two cups, my taste, you know.”

“Okay.” Fang Chixia has already braced herself for anything unpleasant the moment she followed him in. She curbed her temper and prepared two cups professionaly.

Sitting serenely and gracefully on a couch next to him was Su Ran, the model of a young miss from a wealthy family, a dignified woman was perfectly defined by her.

She stared at Fang Chixia calmly, her bright eyes narrowed slightly with a hint of malice.

“Miss Su, this cup is yours.” Fang Chixia stirred two cups and passed one of them to her.

“Thank you.” Su Ran softly thanked her, took a sip of the coffee, and put the cup back in place. “Sorry, I don’t like sugar.”

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