TOCH – Chapter 365

Chapter 365: A finger can squeeze you to death.

“Don’t move!” Fang Chixia’s suddenly turned sideways with her arms wrapped around his neck. The positions of the two were reversed, and she pinned him down.

Luo Yibei looked up at her somewhat surprised, but was more looking forward to her next move.

“Actually, I just want to …” Fang Chixia rested bodily on him, her face slowly leaning down towards him then stopping at a distance from the tip of his nose, rubbing her lips over his. Taking advantage of the motionless Luo Yibei, she bit his lips as hard as she could.

“It’s just a courtesy.” With her task done, she unblinkly looked down on him before withdrawing. Not waiting for his temper to flare up, she scrambled up from the ground and ran into the house.

She sprinted speedily and disappeared from view in just a moment.

Luo Yibei glanced in the direction where she vanished. The corners of his eyes crinkled as he rose up and followed behind leisurely.

By the time he entered the house, Fang Chixia had already gone upstairs.

He climbed up and caught her closing the door.

His sudden appearance paralyzed her, forgetting shutting the door.

Luo Yibei stretched a hand onto the door panel then pushed the door open as he squeezed his body in.

With his tall stature, Fang Chixia felt squashed in front of him.

Both of his eyes were fixed on her darkly.

Since their marriage, Fang Chixia has never done anything to sing against him. Since he caught up, she surmised that he came to settle accounts. So she took the initiative and pinned him to the wall, wrapping her arms over his shoulders. She tipped her dainty chin up and challenged: “I know you can’t swallow that breath. But if you’re fond of this sort of rough/violent marital sport, come at me whenever you want.”

He’s the one who couldn’t stand it?

“Believe it or not, I can kill you with a single finger.” Luo Yibei braced both arms on her sides and claimed arrogantly, aggressive and vulgar.

He was implying that killing her was as easy as pinching an ant to death.

But Fang Chixia took it the wicked way. She stared at him with her cheeks burning and decided to quit talking.

“The phone call last night was actually …” Luo Yibei was pleased with her silence, he rested her hands on her sides and again attempted to clarify.

But calling to mind her series of evasion and disregard, he felt that his explanation was completely unnecessary.

With her attitude of disregarding everything related to him, maybe even this account wasn’t a rarity for her!

With this thought, Luo Yibei halted.

“Nothing, I’ll let the servant prepare dinner.” He released her and turned downstairs.

Fang Chixia’s eyes dimmed as he left her behind.

The next day was a working day. Fang Chixia went to the company very early and still didn’t share the car with Luo Yibei.

Within half an hour, Su Ran also came, still accompanying Luo Yibei.

Together with a few members of the Luo Family, Sha Zhixing, Xiao Zuo and Luo Xichen.

Su Ran led Luo Yibei past Fang Chixia, pushed open the door of Luo Yibei’s office, and walked directly in treating it like her own door.

After Luo Yibei had stepped one leg in, his footsteps stopped.

He stared at Fang Chixia’s direction indifferently, wanting to see her reaction. Who knew that she’d still be unconcerned as usual, for she didn’t even raise her face.

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