TOCH – Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Always liked him

He took advantage of his stature and pressed her back. Fang Chixia was imprisoned in the chair. With their faces close, his breath sprayed warmly on her face.

This posture made it difficult for Fang Chixia to ignore him.

Turning her head to the side, she waited for the second half of his sentence.

“Last night …” Luo Yibei just opened his mouth, but Meatball nestling in Fang Chi Xia’s hands suddenly jolted up and climbed towards his shoulder.

Tuantuan has always liked him better than Fang Chixia. His flapping was particularly fierce, burying his claws on his shoulder and scratching him.

Luo Yibei frowned, waving him away somewhat irritably. Tuantuan swung his claws again and scratched a layer of skin from the back of his head, so Luo Yibei raised his hand and nudged Tuantuan, directly tossing him away.


A dull thud sounded from the grass followed by a meow from Tuantuan.

“How can you do that? You hurt him!” Fang Chixia was distressed, pushed him away crouched down.

She picked him up from the grass and checked him here and there, cautiously rolling its fur to find any injury.

“Fat as he is, what could happen to him?” Luo Yibei gave a scornful glance in her direction, and did not reflect on his behavior at all.

Fang Chixia has no words for his behavior and instead continued to stroke Tuantuan while brushing some withered grass off his body.

Luo Yibei walked to her again, stood in front of her, bent down, clasped her chin with his fingertips, and turned her face toward him, “My words …”

As soon as he opened his mouth, Fang Chixia’s hand took ahold of his wrist, opened her mouth and bit the back of his hand fiercely, “Weren’t you taught that it’s rude to interrupt people?”

Her attack came out of the blue that Luo Yibei left her to chew his skin off for a moment.

“Rude?” He sounded amused.

Does he need to be polite to her?

Luo Yibei could not imagine what the life of a husband and wife would look like if they have to treat each other politely.

So he also needs to be polite when doing doing nightly matters ?

Fang Chixia also did not expect this overbearing man to understand her teaching, so she turned aside and continued to groom Tuantuan. Luo Yibei however leaned down in front of her, his fingertips tipping her chin up while his lips claimed her mouth.

He bit her lips in retaliation, venting the unhappiness that accumulated in his chest ffom being ignored.

Fang Chixia froze and tried to push him away. Just after raising her hand, Luo Yibei clasped her wrist.

He bit roughly, crushing her lips and Fang Chixia sobbed in pain.

“It hurts, it hurts, lighter!”


With her hands clenched tight, she pummeled him on the shoulders. She forced herself forward trying to knock him away. Luo Yibei’s efforts gentled abruptly.

The violent biting, somehow, transformed to licking, then to smooching, then sucking.

He slowed down, grazing gently.

Fang Chixia was unable to stand it. Since hitting was useless, she propped herself up from the grass, leaned back, hooked her arms around his neck and busted a move he was unprepared for —

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