SWPF – Chapter 31. 1

Chapter 31: You’re the hostess, you do whatever you want

L Xingzhi felt that he had missed the point, but still raised another matter, “What if I want to demolish and rebuild this place?”

“Then demolish it!” Huo Jinchen gave consent indifferently.

“Uncle, have you heard what I said just now? I mean, Chen Xinzi has been here today.” Lu Xingzhi said it again seriously, with no hints of complaints.

In her opinion, this matter was caused by Huo Jinchen.

He is the root cause, so it is necessary to let him know.

“Did she bully you? Did she say something that made you unhappy?” Huo Jinchen thought that Lu Xingzhi didn’t go down to eat today might be for this reason.

“No, she did say something that made me happy.”

“Oh?” Huo Jinchen asked quietly, “What did she say?”

“She said she’d give me money to leave you. She quoted five million!” Lu Xingzhi’s expression was rather vivid, with stars shining dazzingly in her eyes.

Huo Jinchen’s hand tingled, didn’t hold back, and squeezed her face again, “What did you say?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t want it. I told her your wife’s position is worth more than five million yuan. I also told her that her being noble and virtuous is useless since it’s me who got engaged to you. She seemed offended and must have been infuriated.”

“You’re right.” Huo Jinchen gave her an admiring look, and then suggested, “If she comes again next time, you can ask the doorman to stop her at the gates, don’t open the door for her.”

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