LLW – Chapter 160.1

Chapter 60: Shouldn’t have trusted her…..

“Have you been here long Elder Yang?” Feng Chuge came alone this time, and even Meatball that had always been sticking to her was taken away by Zilan. She raised her eyebrows and said, somewhat playfully, “But didn’t you say there’s a beast inside? Aren’t you afraid of it?”

Elder Yang’s beard rattled the moment she heard her jest: “What are you talking about, how can a monster get in my eyes?”

Feng Chuge smirked.

Back this noon, she really doesn’t know who was too shocked when he heard that he has to come to the tower this afternoon….

But, it’s good not to be afraid.

“Then let’s go in.” Feng Chuge said directly.

“Apprentice … are you sure you want to save it?” At this juncture, Elder Yang was still wavering.

It’s not that he doesn’t dare, but the beast inside is still a beast. Once released, wouldn’t he be doing harm to the world.


“But … that’s a monster …”

“No, Elder Yang, when you see him, you may stop saying that.”

“This …” Elder Yang finally succumbed to Feng Chuge, “Okay, go in.”


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