EP – Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Obscene music, moaning about imaginary illness…..

Mu Tianye slammed the door close and turned to look at Ning Xiaofei’s long hair and collar. The white and delicate pink neck was obscured so he stretched a palm and gently stroked her skin.

“Pei Ruoxi is against you, right?’

Ning Xiaofei looked at him suspiciously.

“How did you know?”

From her answer, the man had already guessed the result.

If that’s the case, then the last bet was not a simple hype.

Mu Tianye was too lazy to explain these non-technical questions to her, “Apart from her, who else might target you?”

Ning Xiaofei shook her head.

“So….” When she took off his coat, Mu Tianye’s eyes were died with ice. “The culprit is probably her!”

“But that doesn’t make sense!” Ning Xiaofei frowned. “How could she know that I have Xicheng file?”

“If a person wants to target you, she will do everything possible.” Mu Tianye reached out and took his coat from her hand and hung it on the rack. “Go help me unpack my suitcase. I will take a bath.”

Ning Xiaofei responded and dragged his suitcase to the laundry room. As soon as she unzipped the suitcase, he saw a beautiful notebook-size gift box inside.

Knowing that it was valuable, she carefully held it out and set it aside. She sorted the dirty laundry and piled them in the laundry basket, then dragged the empty suitcase into the storeroom.

Holding the box out and putting it on the coffee table, she took her own bag and took out her laptop. She also brought out the gift box that Xicheng gave her and also placed it on the coffee table side by side.

“The bastard who framed me, I must find out who you are!”

She and Xicheng had already settled, but because of this incident, the two turned into such an impasse, she was naturally angry.

While mumbling, she turned on the laptop and entered her mailbox.

She kept the file in her mailbox. How did that ghost gain access to it?

She browsed through several folders in her mailbox but couldn’t spot a thing so she leaned angrily on the back of the sofa.

“What the hell!”

Out of the corner of her eyes, she glimpsed of the gift box from Xicheng on the table, and she squeezed it around and pulled the ribbon off.

At the same moment, Mu Tianye, who has just taken a shower, took long strides as he came down the stairs. Then he caught her opening a gift box.

Stepping behind her, the man bent over and kissed the side of her neck gently.

“How is the gift?”

“Well …” She shrank tickled at the neck. “It’s superior in quality. And I like the style of this design…”

The man smirked.

She’s got vision!

“Especially this picture, it looks so desolate, and it matches the song title!”



What title of the song?!

Mu Tianye looked up and saw the CD of Xicheng in her hand. His face instantly changed.

“This is from Xicheng?”

Ning Xiaofei was oblivious to the strangeness in the man’s tone and even sighed while holding the CD.

“Blame that bastard, we were pitted together!”

Still together?!

Mu Tianye stretched out his hand, snatched the CD from her hand and tossed it aside smoothly.

“In the future, don’t take this kind of thing home, obscene music, moaning about imaginary illnesses… what’s nice about it?!”

Coming round the sofa, he reached for his own gift box and stuffed it on her lap.

Ning Xiaofei looked at the box in her hand and raised her small face in surprise

“This … Is this for me?!”

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