SWPF – Chapter 30.2

He Lianxi looked at Chen Xinzi disgustingly, shrugged, and went straight upstairs to her room.

But talking about her third brother’s fiancee, she hasn’t met her yet!

She will check her out tomorrow.

It doesn’t make sense that everyone here has met her, but she doesn’t know her yet!

” He Lianxi, stop right there and apologize to Xinzi jie this instant.” He Lianyi glanced at Xinzi. Seeing her tottering, he knew that He Lianxi has wounded her yet again.

Originally, he wanted Chen Xinzi to change her surname into He, but his parents disagreed. They said that adopting her was fine, but her surname must remain.

Coupled with Chen Xinzi’s fondness of Huo Jinchen, this matter was settled with nothing definite.

He knew that Chen Xinzi must be feeling insecure under the fence.

But then, He Lianxi normally treats everyone amiably, but she’s always hostile when facing Chen Xinzi.

“He Lianyi, I’ll tell mother and father, you bullied me.” He Lianxi is a treasured baby at home, especially for He Liancheng, who’d never scold her.


“Xiao Yi, that’s enough. You and Xiao Xi are brother and sister. Don’t quarrel because of me. I … I’ll leave first …” Chen Xinzi wiped her tears and ran outside.

But deep in her heart, her hatred for He Lianxi simmered. That lowly girl, she’s always targeting her.

“He Lianxi!!” He Lianyi glared at He Lianxi before going to chase after Chen Xinzi.

“Sure enough, a white lotus flower.” He Lianxi sneered and almost threw up her dinner.

He Lianyi, this idiot!

What a loss!

It’s a pity he’s such a handsome guy.

But blind at such a young age.

When Lu Xingzhi is on her way back to her room, she stopped suddenly on the stairs and reported to Huo Jinchen: “By the way uncle, Chen Xinzi visited your house during the day.”

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