LLW – Chapter 159.1

Chapter 159: Why does she call her little sister-in-law.

The afternoon class was still under Yun Qianche.

For the duration of the class, Feng Chuge always had this indistinct feeling that Yun Qianche’s eyes constantly fell on her. This kind of feeling made her feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Moreover, Yun Qianche’s eyes were always weird.

She has no idea what her relationship with Yun Qianche was, of course, she has interest in knowing…

Finally, class was over —

Thinking of the dean’s message, Feng Chuge stopped Yun Qianche, who was about to leave.

“Yun shixiong!”

Today was a rare chance when Di Jing Lian wasn’t waiting outside early. Because of this, Yun Qianche intends to leave early, for fear that Di Jing Lian will catch up to haunt him again.

He is really afraid of Di Jing Lian.

He never knew that that woman was actually the sort who was capable of being confidently shameless……

When he was about to leave, he heard the call behind him.

The bottom of Yun Qianche’s heart shook slightly.

It only lasted for a blink and he resumed his usual nonchalance.

“Is there I can do to help Xiao shimei?”

“Yun shixiong, the dean told me to inform you that there will be another student joining our class tomorrow.”


“If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go first, Yun shixiong, go about your own affairs, I won’t delay you.”

Yun Qianche’s eyes dimmed slightly, he thought Feng Chuge was looking for him because of something else, not expecting such an official reason.

Yun Qianche moved his lips and was about to stop Feng Chuge in front of him, but caught a glimpse of a red-clad figure not far away.

“Yun shixiong…. I’m late today… Oh, little sister-in-law, you’re here too.”

Little sister-in-law?

Yun Qianche was stunned as he looked at Di Jing Lian and Feng Chuge back and forth.

Di Jing Lian’s delicate face revealed a sweet smile:: “Oh, by the way, Yun shixiong, you might not know, she’s my sister-in-law.”

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