LLW – Chapter 159.2

Sister-in-law……That would make her her brother’s woman.

Yun Qianche’s face changed slightly.

Feng Chuge’s lips were also drawn.

She also wants to know the reason why this Di Jing Lian addresses her as her sister-in-law again and again …

And just who is Di Jing Lian’s brother?

Before she could ask more, Di Jing Lian looked at Feng Chuge and asked, “Little sister-in-law, what did you just say?”

Feng Chuge pulled herself back together, “Nothing, just someone who will be transferred to our class tomorrow.”

“Oh …?” Di Jing Lian raised her voice and looked at Feng Chuge. “Little sister-in-law, do you know who it is?”

Feng Chuge smiled dumbly, “How would I know?”

“Right, we’ll know him tomorrow.” When Di Jing Lian spoke, she shot a narrowed gaze at Feng Chuge.

She is totally a hot beauty, but now with such a mischievous smile, it shattered her whole demeanor.

Feng Chuge watched Di Jing Lian’s impishness and shook her head with amusement.

This Di Jing Lian has quite a stunning beauty.

Of course, excluding the times when she shoots her mouth off…..

When she gets the chance, she’ll have to ask why she’s always calling her little sister-in-law……

But today is clearly not the right time.

Look at the way Di Jing Lian sticks with Yun Qianche.

For the entire 7th class and even the entire college, no one doesn’t know that Yun Qianche belongs solely to Di Jing Lian.

Feng Chuge really can’t stand the point of being a light bulb.

“I still have another matter to attend to so I’ll leave first. You talk slowly.”


When she reached the demon tower, Elder Yang was already waiting there.

Looking at Elder Yang who arrived early, Feng Chuge smiled.

“My apprentice, you’re here.” Elder Yang greeted Feng Chuge the moment he saw her.

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