SWDP – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Devastating price

“Your grandmother is now in a critical period of recovery. If another hypoxia occurs, it will cause irreversible damage to her brain, and she may not be able to recover well in the future.” Bai Xuexian is a doctor and the director of this hospital.

“So I’m asking, do you want to do it again?”

Mu Huan’s clenched hands, clenched tightly, tighter and tighter, even her blue tendons are visible.

After a long time.

“Please, please don’t do it again, please …”

“Is that how you ask for help? How did I teach you to ask for help before, did you forget?” Bai Xuexian raised her legs gracefully and stared at Mu Huan coldly.

A little girl with nothing, braved with a little brute force and dared to confront her and touched her daughter.

Mu Huan shook with hatred.

“I have always been a good mother. If you have forgotten, I will teach you again.” Bai Xuexian gestured at the black-clad bodyguard standing beside her, who kicked Mu Huan’s legs.

And let her kneel in front of Bai Xuexian.

Bai Xuexian looked down at Mu Huan and laughed with ridicule, “Why don’t you fight again?”

Would she dare move, dare fight back?

Mu Huan’s clenched fists became bruised because of strong suppression.

“Mom.” Mu Kexin caught Bai Xuexian’s attention because she couldn’t wait to teach Mu Huan a lesson herself.

“Go on, I’ll let go of this time. Next time, don’t let me see you making impulsive mistakes again!” Bai Xuexian lectured Mu Kexin, mad at her for not becoming steel.

With Bai Xuexian’s permission, Mu Kexin rushed forward immediately. She wanted to slap Mu Huan, but was suddenly reminded of Bai Xuexian’s warning not to hit her face, not to expose any kind of injury.

So she kicked Mu Huan fiercely, “Bitch! You are so arrogant! Be haughty again!”

“You’re nothing but cheap, you’re just a garbage, but you dare laugh at me, dare pour dishes over my head! Let me see how arrogant you are! Dare move me!”

Mu Kexin landed a few hard kicks before picking up the leftovers in the morning and poured it on Mu Huan’s head. She opened a bottle of oil and poured it down next. “What did you say last time? Pour hot oil and ruin my face! It should be me saying this to you! Bitch, if not for your usefulness now, I’ll burn you in hot oil!”

After emptying the bottle, Mu Kexin attempted to kick her some more.

“Alright.” Bai Xuexian stopped her in a timely manner.

Now, Mu Huan is still Mrs. Bao. If she’s too badly hurt, it would be discovered by Bao Junyan that they would only lose out. By then, their gains won’t be able to make up for the losses.

Mu Kexin stepped back unwillingly.

Bai Xuexian stepped forward and looked at Mu Huan, “Now, do you realize how stupid your move was?”

Over the years, because she surmised that Mu Huan was useless, she let her loose outside. She never expected that her wings would be hardened when she grew up. She even dared to scheme against her daughter!

Mu Huan didn’t move, didn’t say anything, just like when she was a child. Though she was humiliated and disciplined, and when she was scolded, she didn’t move.

Seeing her motionless, Bai Xuexian smiled smugly.

This Mu Huan, no matter how she grew up, no matter how she has transformed similar to Sun Wukong, she can’t escape her hands. If she wants to pack her up, it’s as easy as flipping her hands!

She forgot that Mu Huan is no longer a young girl who was too young tofight back.

She will pay a devastating price for her actions today!

“I don’t care what means you use, you have to make your seat available for Kexin to marry Bao Junyan, otherwise, I don’t mind you coming over several times for more demonstrations!””I don’t care what method you use, you have to make your seat available for Kexin to marry Bo Junyan, otherwise, I don’t mind such a thing, come more times!” Bao Junyan isn’t a simple character that a mongrel like her should have!

7 thoughts on “SWDP – Chapter 33”

  1. I understand that the author doesn’t want to make our Heroine a killer but – this stepmother needs a kick down the stairs. Then some naked photos taken with hookers. I guess I’ll be the bad person/friend of Mu Huan! Thanks for picking up the story!


  2. Shes such a pathetic retard…
    She could literally just ask her freaking husband to fix this situation but no, “i have to be a pathetic underdog who is abused and mistreated!”


    1. Hear, hear! If she cares about her grandmother so much, all the more she should ignore her pride and ask her husband for help.


  3. Her HUSBAND is the numbnuts dillweed trashbrain!
    He can’t look into it? He can’t figure it out? He should be clever.


  4. I find both the ml and mc are total dimwits!🤪 If they shared their problems/thoughts and acted together, they could easily rescue the grandmother + give her the best treatment and care + get rid of all the pesky retarded characters… all in one fell swoop!🎉…. But nooooooo, the Mu Huan has to act as the poor lill pathetic victim and her husband has to be typecast as the nincompoop passerby! ….garh! 😠😡😱🤬😭


  5. I’m with you guys. If she cares so much about her Grandma, then Junyan is her best protection. She should be begging him for help, not bowing to these people.


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