EP – Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Master, welcome home.

Ji Mo frowned: “How do you want me to help you?”

Pei Ruoxi was delighted at his tone softening.

“You can testify for me, just say … that night, we were together so that no one can doubt me!” Pei Ruoxi held his arm and looked at him expectantly. “I know it was me who wronged you before, but you… you saw it too… The bracelet you gave me, I kept wearing it on me. The reason I transferred to the column group was solely to get close to you… Everything I do is because of you Ji Mo! I leaked the song merely because I…. I’m jealous of Ning Xiaofei, jealous of your regard of her, jealous of you liking her, and afraid that she’d take you away from me!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Ji Mo interrupted her, “I just appreciate her talent and there’s absolutely nothing more.”

“I know, I know you still care about me, otherwise you wouldn’t remind me like this.” Pei Ruoxi pulled his palm to her chest, crying and begging, “Ji Mo, please… please help me…!”

“I really can’t help you out with this!” Ji Mo pulled his hand back. “That night, I and Zhang Yue worked overtime together so that time can’t be justified. Besides, I’m not going to commit perjury just so you can hurt Xiao Fei. I’d be eaten by a guilty conscience.”

“Yes, you are upright, you are honest …” Pei Ruoxi released his palm, “I’m damned, let me die!”

Pulling the door of the car, she tore her seat belt open and rushed towards the river.


Ji Mo jumped out of the car and grabbed her, “I already knew everything, why are you doing this stupid thing?”

Pei Ruoxi shook his arm vigorously, “Leave me alone, let me die, you don’t care about anyway. Don’t care what I do, I’ll take responsibility of everything myself. Can I just go die?”

As she rushed to the railing, Ji Mo anxiously lunged forward, hugging her waist from behind.

“I’lI help you, I’ll help you out, okay?”

Pei Ruoxi turned around to look at him with uncertainty.

“You… Are you really going to help me?

Ji Mo nodded.

Pei Ruoxi immediately hugged him happily, “I knew that you would never leave me alone.”

Raising her face from his arms, she stood on tiptoes and wanted to kiss him, but Ji Mo moved sideways dodging her lips.

“I’ll send you home!”


Pei Ruoxi walked with him back to the car with joy, started the car and left the river bank, returned to the apartment where she lived. When Ji Mo also got out of the car, she immediately bypassed the car and grabbed his arm.

“Let’s go up for a chat!”

That’s an obvious invitation.

When they were still in love, whenever she said the same thing, it meant that he could stay for the night.

Back then, he would always hug her happily, and dash all the way upstairs, but this time, the man just stood still.

“Take an early break, as for that matter….. I will do everything I can to help you.”

Pei Ruoxi couldn’t say a word and merely looked up at him. Then she nodded in gesture.

“Good night.”

The man’s eyes skimmed over the familiar but a little strange face, and he bypassed her, marching out into the community exit.

Pei Ruoxi opened her eyes widely and turned to look at him.

“Ji Mo?!”

The man didn’t look back, and soon disappeared into the night.



Lanting Apartment

As soon as she entered the door, Ning Xiaofei immediately took the role of a maid in animes, folded both arms in front of her and bent 90 degrees towards Mu Tianye who also stepped in.

“Master, welcome home. After a busy day, do you want to drink tea or bath first?”



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  1. Thank you for the update 😘😘😘
    I just hope he doesn’t help her
    I bet you she do stupid things again
    She do it once it’s possible she do it again😘😘😘


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